Sears XDH-1



Sears XDH-1 is an experimental
electric car An electric car, battery electric car, or all-electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using only energy stored in batteries. Compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, electric cars are quie ...
built for Sears, Roebuck and Company by their DieHard battery supplier Johnson Controls (Globe Union) in 1977 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its DieHard brand of car batteries. The car was a
Fiat 128 The Fiat 128 is a transverse front-engine, front wheel drive small family car manufactured and marketed by Fiat from 1969 to 1985 as a two- or four-door sedan, three- or five-door station wagon as well as two- or three-door coupé. The 128 runni ...
Coupé equipped with 20 DieHard (12-inch deep cycle marine) batteries, and an
electric motor An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor's magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force ...
. The car has a
front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive (FWD) is a form of engine and transmission layout used in motor vehicles, where the engine drives the front wheels only. Most modern front-wheel drive vehicles feature a transverse engine, rather than the conventional long ...
and was powered by a World War II-vintage 27-horsepower electric aircraft starter motor. The batteries are located in the trunk and former back seat area. The car has a top speed of approximately 70 miles per hour and has a range of 60–90 miles (at 50 MPH) per charge. The electric car is on display at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum in Talladega, Alabama.


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