Scott may refer to:



* Scott, Quebec, municipality in the Nouvelle-Beauce regional municipality in Quebec * Scott, Saskatchewan, a town in the Rural Municipality of Tramping Lake No. 380 * Rural Municipality of Scott No. 98, Saskatchewan

United States

* Scott, Arkansas * Scott, Georgia * Scott, Indiana * Scott, Louisiana * Scott, Missouri * Scott, New York * Scott, Ohio * Scott, West Virginia * Scott, Wisconsin (disambiguation) (several places) * Fort Scott, Kansas * Great Scott Township, Minnesota * Scott Air Force Base, Illinois * Scott City, Kansas * Scott City, Missouri * Scott County (disambiguation) (various states) * Scott Mountain, a mountain in Oregon * Scott River, in California * Scott Township (disambiguation) (several places)


* 876 Scott, minor planet orbiting the Sun * Scott (crater), a lunar impact crater near the south pole of the Moon *Scott Conservation Park, a protected area in South Australia


* Scott (surname), including a list of people and fictional characters with the surname * Scott (given name), including a list of people and fictional characters with the given name * Clan Scott, Scottish clan, historically based in the Scottish Borders


* H. H. Scott, Inc., vintage tube hi-fi manufacturer * Scott Paper Company, formerly an American manufacturer of paper-based personal care products * Scott Sports, Swiss manufacturer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear * The Scott Motorcycle Company, English manufacturer of motorcycles and light engines for industry * W. R. Scott, a defunct American publisher


* ''Scott'' (album), debut solo album by Scott Walker, followed by ''Scott 2'', ''Scott 3'', and ''Scott 4'' * "Scott", song by Deathray, on the album ''Deathray''


* HMS ''Scott'', three ships of the Royal Navy * USS ''Scott'', several ships of the US Navy


* ''Scott'', one of two probes on NASA's Deep Space 2 mission; named after polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott. * NBR Scott Class, a class of steam locomotive on the North British Railway * Scott catalogue, stamp catalogue by the Scott Publishing Co. * Scott House (disambiguation) * Scott-Marcondes Cesar-São José dos Campos, Brazilian cycling team

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