The Info List - Schaulager

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The SCHAULAGER is a museum in Newmünchenstein, a sub-district of Münchenstein in the canton of Basel-Country
, Switzerland

Built in 2002/2003 under commission of the Laurenz Foundation, it was designed by the renowned architectural office of Herzog & de Meuron
Herzog & de Meuron
, the Schaulager
opened in 2003. The Schaulager
was conceived as an open warehouse that provides the optimal spatial and climatic conditions for the preservation of works of art .

The institution functions as a mix between public museum , art storage facility and art research institute . It is primarily directed at a specialist audience but is also open to the general public for special events and the annual exhibitions.

The special annual exhibitions to date are:

* 2003: Roth-Zeit. A retrospective on Dieter Roth * 2004: Herzog † 8. August 1989), later known as Maja Sacher, wife of Paul Sacher (* 28 April 1906 – † 26 May 1999).


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