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Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group is an independent publishing house founded in 1949. Under several imprints, the company offers scholarly books and journals for the academic market, as well as trade books. Rowman & Littlefield is the world's largest publisher in museum studies. The company also owns the book distributing company National Book Network based in Lanham, Maryland. The current company took shape when University Press of America acquired Rowman & Littlefield in 1988 and took the Rowman & Littlefield name for the parent company. Since 2013, there is also an affiliated company based in London, UK called Rowman & Littlefield International which is editorially independent and publishes only academic books in Philosophy, Politics
& International Relations and Cultural Studies.


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Alban (acquired 2014 from the Alban Institute)[1] AltaMira Press (acquired 1999 from SAGE Publications) Ardsley House Publishers, Inc.[2] Bernan Press (acquired 2008) Bonus Books Cowley Publications (acquired 2007 from the Society of St. John the Evangelist.[3]) Down East Books (acquired 2013)[4] Globe Pequot Press
Globe Pequot Press
(acquired 2014 from Morris Communications)[5]

Falcon Guides Gooseberry Patch (acquired 2015)[6] Lyons Press TwoDot Books

Government Institutes (acquired 2004) Hamilton Books (founded 2003) Ivan R. Dee, Publisher (acquired 1998) Jason Aronson (acquired 2003) Lexington Books (acquired 1998) M Evans & Co (acquired 2007)[7] Newbridge Educational Publishing (acquired 2008 from Haights Cross) Rowman & Littlefield Education or R&L Education (formerly Technomic Books, acquired 1999) Rowman & Littlefield (acquired 1988 by UPA)

Philip Turner Books (founded 2009)

Scarecrow Press (acquired 1995); founded by Ralph R. Shaw[2] Taylor Trade (acquired 2001)

Bridge Works (acquired 2000) Cooper Square Press (founded 1961 by Rowman & Littlefield, acquired 1988 by UPA) The Derrydale Press (acquired 1999) Madison Books (founded 1985 by UPA) M. Evans (acquired 2005)[8] Roberts Rinehart (acquired 2000)[9][10]

Stackpole Books
Stackpole Books
(acquired 2015)[11] Sheed & Ward (founded in the 1920s in London
by Frank Sheed and his wife, Maisie Ward, both prominent in the Catholic Action movement; acquired 2002 from the Priests of the Sacred Heart)[12] SR Books (acquired 2004 from Scholarly Resources, Inc., of Wilmington, Delaware) Sundance Publishing (acquired 2008 from Haights Cross) University Press of America (founded 1975) The World Today Series (acquired 2011 from Stryker-Post Publications)


Bucknell University Press Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Lehigh University Press University of Delaware Press Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institution
Scholarly Press C&T Publishing

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