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Scarabaeoidea is a superfamily of beetles, the only subgroup of the infraorder Scarabaeiformia. Around 35,000 species are placed in this superfamily and some 200 new species are described each year.[1] Its constituent families are also undergoing revision presently, and the family list below is only preliminary.


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Families[edit] American Beetles lists the following families:[2]

Belohinidae Paulian 1959 Bolboceratidae Laporte de Castelnau, 1840 Ceratocanthidae White 1842 (Acanthoceridae) Diphyllostomatidae Holloway 1972 (false stag beetles) Geotrupidae Latreille, 1802 (earth-boring dung beetles) Glaphyridae MacLeay, 1819 (bumble bee scarab beetles) Glaresidae Semenov-Tian-Shanskii and Medvedev 1932 (enigmatic scarab beetles) Hybosoridae Erichson, 1847 (scavenging scarab beetles) Lucanidae Latreille 1804 (stag beetles) Ochodaeidae Mulsant and Rey 1871 (sand-loving scarab beetles) Passalidae Leach, 1815 (bess beetles) Pleocomidae LeConte 1861 (rain beetles) Scarabaeidae Latreille 1802 (scarab beetles) Trogidae MacLeay 1819 (hide beetles)

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^ Brett C. Ratcliffe (2002). "A checklist of the Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) of Panama" (PDF). Zootaxa (32): 1–48.  ^ Ross H. Arnett, Jr. and Michael C. Thomas (2001–2002). American Beetles. CRC Press. 

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Extant Coleoptera families

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Subclass: Pterygota Infraclass: Neoptera Superorder: Endopterygota

Suborder Archostemata

Crowsoniellidae (Crowsoniella relicta) Cupedidae (reticulated beetles) Jurodidae (Sikhotealinia zhiltzovae) Micromalthidae (telephone-pole beetle) Ommatidae

Suborder Adephaga

Extant families

Amphizoidae (trout-stream beetles) Aspidytidae Carabidae (ground beetles) Dytiscidae (predaceous diving beetles) Gyrinidae (whirligig beetles) Haliplidae (crawling water beetles) Hygrobiidae Meruidae (Meru phyllisae) Noteridae (burrowing water beetles) Rhysodidae (wrinkled bark beetles) Trachypachidae (false ground beetles)

Suborder Myxophaga

Hydroscaphidae (skiff beetles) Lepiceridae Sphaeriusidae Torridincolidae

Suborder Polyphaga



Anobiidae (furniture beetles, death watch beetles, spider beetles) Bostrichidae (auger beetles) Dermestidae (skin beetles) Jacobsoniidae (Jacobson's beetles) Nosodendridae (wounded-tree beetles)


Derodontidae (tooth-necked fungus beetles)



Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles) Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles) Disteniidae Megalopodidae Orsodacnidae Oxypeltidae Vesperidae


Acanthocnemidae (Acanthocnemus nigricans) Chaetosomatidae Cleridae (checkered beetles) Melyridae (soft-wing flower beetles) Phloiophilidae (Phloiophilus edwardsi) Phycosecidae Prionoceridae Trogossitidae (bark-gnawing beetles)


Alexiidae Biphyllidae (false skin beetles) Boganiidae Bothrideridae (dry bark beetles) Byturidae (fruitworm beetles) Cavognathidae Cerylonidae (minute bark beetles) Coccinellidae (lady beetles, or God's cows) Corylophidae (minute fungus beetles) Cryptophagidae (silken fungus beetles) Cucujidae (flat bark beetles) Cyclaxyridae Discolomatidae Endomychidae (handsome fungus beetles) Erotylidae (pleasing fungus beetles) Helotidae Hobartiidae Kateretidae (short-winged flower beetles) Laemophloeidae (lined flat bark beetles) Lamingtoniidae (Lamingtonium binnaberrense) Latridiidae (minute brown scavenger beetles) Monotomidae (root-eating beetles) Myraboliidae Nitidulidae (sap beetles) Passandridae (parasitic flat bark beetles) Phalacridae (shining flower beetles) Phloeostichidae Propalticidae Protocucujidae Silvanidae (silvanid flat bark beetles) Smicripidae (palmetto beetles) Sphindidae (dry-fungus beetles)

Curculionoidea (weevils)

Anthribidae (fungus weevils) Attelabidae (leaf-rolling weevils) Belidae (primitive weevils) Brentidae (straight snout weevils, New York weevil) Caridae Curculionidae (true weevils, bark beetles, ambrosia beetles) Nemonychidae (pine flower weevils)


Lymexylidae (ship-timber beetles)


Aderidae (ant-like leaf beetles) Anthicidae (ant-like flower beetles) Archeocrypticidae (cryptic fungus beetles) Boridae (conifer bark beetles) Chalcodryidae Ciidae (minute tree-fungus beetles) Melandryidae (false darkling beetles) Meloidae (blister beetles) Mordellidae (tumbling flower beetles) Mycetophagidae (hairy fungus beetles) Mycteridae (palm and flower beetles) Oedemeridae (false blister beetle) Perimylopidae, or Promecheilidae Prostomidae (jugular-horned beetles) Pterogeniidae Pyrochroidae (fire-coloured beetles) Pythidae (dead log bark beetles) Ripiphoridae (wedge-shaped beetles) Salpingidae (narrow-waisted bark beetles) Scraptiidae (false flower beetles) Stenotrachelidae (false longhorn beetles) Synchroidae (synchroa bark beetles) Tenebrionidae (darkling beetles) Tetratomidae (polypore fungus beetles) Trachelostenidae Trictenotomidae Ulodidae Zopheridae (ironclad beetles, cylindrical bark beetles)



Buprestidae (jewel beetles, or metallic wood-boring beetles) Schizopodidae


Byrrhidae (pill beetles) Callirhipidae (cedar beetles) Chelonariidae (turtle beetles) Cneoglossidae Dryopidae (long-toed water beetles) Elmidae (riffle beetles) Eulichadidae (forest stream beetles) Heteroceridae (variegated mud-loving beetles) Limnichidae (minute mud beetles) Lutrochidae (travertine beetles) Psephenidae (water-penny beetles) Ptilodactylidae


Dascillidae (soft bodied plant beetles) Rhipiceridae (cicada beetle, cicada parasite beetles)


Anischiidae Artematopodidae (soft-bodied plant beetles) Brachypsectridae (Texas beetles) Cantharidae (soldier beetles) Cerophytidae (rare click beetles) Drilidae Elateridae (click beetles) Eucnemidae (false click beetles) Lampyridae (fireflies) Lycidae (net-winged beetles) Omalisidae Omethidae (false fireflies) Phengodidae (glowworm beetles, long-lipped beetles) Plastoceridae (Plastocerus angulosus) Podabrocephalidae Rhagophthalmidae Rhinorhipidae (Rhinorhipus tamborinensis) Throscidae (false metallic wood-boring beetles)


Clambidae Decliniidae (Declinia relicta) Eucinetidae (plate-thigh beetles) Scirtidae



Belohinidae (Belohina inexpectata) Bolboceratidae Ceratocanthidae Diphyllostomatidae (false stag beetles) Geotrupidae (dor beetles) Glaphyridae (bumble bee scarab beetles) Glaresidae (enigmatic scarab beetles) Hybosoridae (scavenger scarab beetles) Lucanidae (stag beetles) Ochodaeidae (sand-loving scarab beetles) Passalidae (betsy beetles) Pleocomidae (rain beetles) Scarabaeidae (scarabs) Trogidae (hide beetles)



Histeridae (clown beetles) Sphaeritidae (false clown beetles) Synteliidae


Epimetopidae Georissidae (minute mud-loving beetles) Helophoridae Hydrochidae Hydrophilidae (water scavenger beetles) Spercheidae


Agyrtidae (primitive carrion beetles) Hydraenidae Leiodidae (round fungus beetles) Ptiliidae (feather-winged beetles) Scydmaenidae (ant-like stone beetles) Silphidae (carrion beetles) Staphylinidae (rove beetles)

List of subgroups of the order Coleoptera

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q132379 ADW: Scarabaeoidea BugGuide: 40609 EoL: 369 Fauna Europaea: 11115 Fossilworks: 69300 ITIS: 114486 NCBI: 75546

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