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Saxonipollis saxonicus is an extinct plant species. It was possibly carnivorous. It is known only from fossilised pollen found in Eocene deposits of East Germany.[1] S. saxonicus was possibly a precursor to Aldrovanda, or a close relative to its precursor.[2] References[edit]

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Carnivorous and protocarnivorous plants

Carnivorous genera († extinct)

Aldrovanda †Archaeamphora Brocchinia Byblis Catopsis Cephalotus Darlingtonia Dionaea Drosera †Droserapites †Droserapollis †Droseridites Drosophyllum †Fischeripollis Genlisea Heliamphora Nepenthes †Palaeoaldrovanda Philcoxia Pinguicula Roridula Sarracenia †Saxonipollis Triphyophyllum Utricularia

Protocarnivorous genera

Aracamunia Capsella Colura Dipsacus Drymocallis Geranium Ibicella Lathraea Paepalanthus Passiflora Plumbago Proboscidea Stylidium

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