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was a type of automatic clutch available as an option on Fiat 1800, Lancia Flaminia, Saab 93, Borgward Isabella, Goliath/Hansa 1100, Auto Union 1000, Ford Taunus, Trabant, other than some models from BMW, Opel, Steyr-Puch, NSU, Glas, Wartburg and Volkswagen. Opel
sold it as Olymat; Trabant
and Wartburg named the system Hycomat. The Hydrak, used in some Mercedes-Benz vehicles between 1957 and 1961, was a similar system with a hydrodynamic torque converter in place of the Saxomat's centrifugal clutch, this H.T.C. system was standard on NSU Ro 80 and was optional on the Porsche 911
Porsche 911
(Sportomatic). The system also reappeared in the 1990s as Sensonic. Cars with a Saxomat
clutch did not have a clutch pedal. The Saxomat consisted of two independent systems: the centrifugal clutch, and the servo clutch. The centrifugal clutch was engaged above certain engine speed by centrifugal force acting on spinning weights inside the clutch, similar to a centrifugal governor. The servo clutch used an electric switch that supplied manifold vacuum via an actuator valve to a reservoir that disengaged the clutch. The clutch is disengaged automatically whenever the gear-shift lever was touched. See also[edit]

Semi-automatic transmission

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