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Sasanian Egypt
(known in Middle Persian
Middle Persian
sources as Agiptus) refers to the brief rule of Roman Egypt
and parts of Libya
by the Sasanian Empire. It lasted from 619 to 629, until the Sasanian king Shahrbaraz
made an alliance with the Byzantine
emperor Heraclius
to have control over Greco-Roman Egypt
returned to him.


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History[edit] Egypt
was conquered in 619 by the prominent Sasanian military leader Shahrbaraz, who governed the province briefly until he appointed Sahralanyozan as the new governor. Sahralanyozan held the title of karframan-idar ("steward of the court") and was the most powerful Iranian in Egypt. Besides being governor of Egypt, he was also the tax-collector of the province, and most likely resided in Faiyum.[1] Although Egypt
suffered much damage during its invasion by the Sasanians, after the conquest was complete, peace, toleration and rehabilitation followed. Furthermore, the Sasanians retained the same administrative structure as the Byzantine
Empire.[1] In 626, Shahrbaraz
quarrelled with the Sasanian king Khosrow II
Khosrow II
(r. 590-628) and mutinied against him. It is not known whom Sahralanzoyan supported, since he is not mentioned in any source thereafter and Shahrbaraz
is described as the ruler of the province.[2] Following the end of the Byzantine–Sasanian war in 628, by 630/1, Egypt
had returned to Byzantine
hands.[1][2] See also[edit]

History of Achaemenid Egypt


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