The Info List - Sarawagi

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The SARAWAGI or SARAOGI or SARAWGI Jain community, meaning a Jain Śrāvaka , is also known as the KHANDELWALI. They originated from Khandela
, a historical town in northern Rajasthan.

The Sarawagi
community owes its name to a strong historical association with Jainism. Also technically the term Sarawagi
or shravaka is applicable to all Jains, the Khandelwal Jains is the only community that has used it extensively, although the term is sometimes also used by Jain Agrawals in Rajasthan.

The Khandelwals have 84 divisions. The legendary origin of these divisions is given in a 17th-century book, "Shravakotpatti Varnanam". It mentions how the ruler Girakhandel of Khandela