Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) is an 839-bed health care facility located in Sarasota, Florida.[2] The hospital was founded in 1925 and is currently the only trauma center in Sarasota County, Florida.[3]


Early years

Local residents started to raise funds for the hospital in 1921. Sarasota Hospital opened on November 2, 1925, with a capacity of 32 beds and usage of simple canvas tents.[4] In 1927, the facility was turned over to the city of Sarasota and was renamed Sarasota Municipal Hospital. By the 1930s, the hospital had a capacity of 100 beds, an ambulance garage, nurses' home and wing for patient overflow. The hospital continued to expand in the 1940s, with a surgical suite, kitchen and dining room and an air-conditioned unit. The hospital was renamed in 1954 to its current name in honor of the veterans from World War I and World War II.

Graduate medical education

Sarasota Memorial Hospital operates internal medicine and emergency medicine residency training programs, which are both affiliated with Florida State University.


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