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Sanguine is a British four-piece female fronted alternative metal/rock band formed in Exeter, Devon, England. They have released one EP/single/DVD "Live Consume Drive" (2008), one self-titled album ''Sanguine'' (2012) and one professional studio album ''Black Sheep'' (2016).


In 2008, Sanguine recorded and released their first single "Live, Consume, Drive" which featured a three-song release with two videos - "Live, Consume, Drive" and "Simplify". In early 2009, the single "Live, Consume, Drive" (LCD) was played on Kerrang! & Scuzz UK music TV stations, and radio stations across the UK, including Music Choice. The video was also featured on Propeller TV music show TUUNES. Later in 2009 and early 2010 the single "LCD" became the theme tune for the Propeller TV show METALTUUNES. Footage of the "LCD" video was aired on the Glastonbury Festival media screens. In 2012, the band released their first self-titled album ''Sanguine''. Following the successful launch of this album Sanguine were invited to perform at Download Festival 2012 and main support for Megadeth in London. The album featured two video releases for "Given Up" and "For Love". Vocalist Tarin Kerrey was also invited to do backing vocals for Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith and SikTh's Mikee Goodman in their side project Primal Rock Rebellion, Tarin featured on three of the tracks. In 2013, Sanguine started recording their next album in Sweden with ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad and producer Daniel Flores. The album featured two co-written songs "Empty" and "Breathe Out" (both tracks were co-written by Nick Magee, Tarin Kerrey, Jesper Strömblad and Daniel Flores). In 2014, Sanguine showcased the finished album at the Global Rock Summit in Hollywood, LA which led to various record and label deals across Europe and Japan. In late 2015, Sanguine released a sneak-peek of the new album ''Black Sheep'' releasing one video for "Social Decay" (featuring footage from the 1936 propaganda film ''Reefer Madness'') and a lyric video for the song "Black Sheep". In early January 2016 Sanguine released their first professional studio album "Black Sheep". Singles released from this album: Pretty Girl (featuring a self-made video shot in Las Vegas) and Save Me (featuring the short-film Seed by Australian Director Tyson Wade Johnston). Sanguine are due to tour the UK with Mushroomhead and American Head Charge in March and April 2016.


:Tarin Kerrey (original member) - Vocals :Nick Magee (original member) - Guitar and vocals :Matt Feld (original member) - Drums :Ross Andrew (from 2013) - Bass

Past members

:Duncan Jones (2004) - Guitar :Tom Sherwood (2004-2012) - Bass


Demos and limited editions

*''No Cure'' - Includes the songs; Innocence, Tonight, Don't Change & Recognition (2005) *''Sanguine'' - Includes the songs; Bangkok Nights, Pointing Out The Obvious, Killing Seeds & Territory (2007)


*"Live, Consume, Drive" - Includes the songs; Live, Consume, Drive (LCD), Simplify & Territory (2009) with DVD featuring videos for the tracks "Live, Consume, Drive" and "Simplify" (2008)


*''Sanguine'' - Includes the songs; For Love, Anger Song, Contagious, Don't Change, Bangkok Nights, In the Sky, Given Up, A Place That You Call Home, Interlude, Live Consume Drive, Simplify, Territory, Contagious Remix. (2012) *''Black Sheep'' - Includes the songs; Breaking Out, Pretty Girl, Empty, Save Me, Carousel, Breathe Out, Black Sheep, Social Decay, The Blue, Whole World. (2016)


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