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Salvation from Hell (Arabic: Al Najun Min Al Nar, also translated as Saved from the Inferno) was a militant Islamic organization which operated in Egypt in the 1980s. During a 1989 trial in Egypt, 26 defendants were charged with forming Salvation from Hell, an illegal paramilitary organization, in addition to other charges.[1][2] The Egyptian government broke off ties with Iran following allegations that Iran funded the group.[3] Yasser Al Borhamy was detained for a month in 1987 due to his alleged connection with the assassination attempt against interior minister Hassan Abu Basha.[4] Hussein Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri and Muhammad al-Zawahiri, was convicted for his alleged role in the assassination attempt.[5] Sources[edit]

Egypt: Islamic Fundamentalist Organisations: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Gama'A Al-Islamiya (The Islamic Group) UNHCR


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