Salvador, meaning "salvation" (or "saviour") in Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese may refer to: * Salvador (name)

Arts, entertainment, and media


*Salvador (band), a Christian band that plays both English and Spanish music **''Salvador'' (Salvador album), 2000 *''Salvador'' (Ricardo Villalobos album), 2006 *"Salvador", a song by Jamie T from the 2007 album ''Panic Prevention''

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

*''Salvador'' (book), a 1983 book by Joan Didion *Salvador (character), a fictional character from the ''Borderlands'' video game series *''Salvador'' (film), a 1986 motion picture about the Salvadoran civil war of the 1980s *''Salvador (Puig Antich)'', a 2006 Spanish film about Salvador Puig Antich *"Salvador" (short story), a 1984 science fiction short story by Lucius Shepard


El Salvador

* El Salvador, a Central American country ** San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador


* El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, a city in the province of Misamis Oriental * Salvador, Lanao del Norte, a municipality in the province of Lanao del Norte * Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, a municipality in the province of Negros Occidental

United States

* Lake Salvador, a lake in the State of Louisiana


* Salvador (Madrid), a ward of San Blas-Canillejas district, Madrid, Spain * Salvador, Bahia, the capital of the State of Bahia, Brazil * Salvador Settlement, a community in the Falkland Islands, United Kingdom * Tevego, previously known as Villa del Divino Salvador, a settlement in the Concepción Department, Paraguay

Other uses

*Salvador (grape), a red wine grape grown primarily in California *Salvador (Sav), a protein kinase involved in the Hippo signaling pathway *Cervantes, Western Australia, town

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* El Salvador (disambiguation) * San Salvador (disambiguation) * Salvator (disambiguation) * Salvatore (disambiguation), an Italian word also meaning "saviour" * Savior (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo