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Abatieae Bembicieae Flacourtieae Homalieae Prockieae Saliceae Samydeae Scolopieae[2]


Bembiciaceae Caseariaceae Flacourtiaceae Homaliaceae Poliothyrsidaceae Prockiaceae Samydaceae Scyphostegiaceae and see text

The Salicaceae
are a family, the willow family, of flowering plants. The traditional family ( Salicaceae
sensu stricto) included the willows, poplar, aspen, and cottonwoods. Recent genetic studies summarized by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group have greatly expanded the circumscription of the family to contain 56 genera and about 1220 species.[3][4] In the Cronquist system, the Salicaceae
were assigned to their own order, Salicales, and contained three genera (Salix, Populus, and Chosenia). The family is placed by the APG in the order Malpighiales. Genera[edit]

Abatia Aphaerema Azara Banara Bartholomaea Bembicia Bennettiodendron Bivinia Byrsanthus Calantica Carrierea Casearia Chosenia Dissomeria Dovyalis Euceraea Flacourtia Hasseltia Hasseltiopsis Hecatostemon Hemiscolopia Homalium Idesia Itoa Laetia Lasiochlamys Ludia Lunania Macrohasseltia Macrothumia Mocquerysia Neopringlea Neoptychocarpus Neosprucea Olmediella Oncoba Ophiobotrys Osmelia Phyllobotryon Phylloclinium Pineda Pleuranthodendron Poliothyrsis Populus Priamosia Prockia Pseudosalix†[5] Pseudoscolopia Pseudosmelia Ryania Salix Samyda Scolopia Scyphostegia Tetrathylacium Tisonia Trichostephanus Trimeria Xylosma Zuelania


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