The Sala Regia (Regal Room) is a state hall in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. Although not intended as such, this broad room is really an antechamber to the Sistine Chapel. It also connects to the Pauline Chapel and is reached by the long staircase known as the Scala Regia. To the left of the entrance formerly stood the papal throne, which is now at the opposite side before the door leading to the Pauline Chapel. The hall was begun under Pope Paul III by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and was completed in 1573. The elegant barrel vault is graced by the very impressive plaster decorations of Perino del Vaga. The stucco ornaments over the doors are by Daniele da Volterra. By 2019, the room and staircase were open to tourists who visit the Apostolic Palace. The walls were decorated by Livio Agresti, Giorgio Vasari and Taddeo Zuccari. The frescoes depict momentous turning-points in the history of the Church, including the return of Pope Gregory XI from Avignon to Rome, the Battle of Lepanto, three panels narrating events surrounding the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, the raising of the ban from Henry IV, the reconciliation of Pope Alexander III with Frederick Barbarossa and Peter II of Aragon offering the Kingdom to Pope Innocent III. The hall was originally used for the reception of princes and royal ambassadors, hence its name. Consistories were held in it, but were later transferred to the Saint Peter's Basilica on November 19, 2016, and the area has also provided an occasional musical recital in the presence of the pope; during a conclave it was used as a promenade for the cardinals.


File:Taddeo zuccari, Carlo Magno conferma la donazione di Ravenna alla Chiesa, 1564-65, 02.jpg|''Charlemagne confirms the Donation of Ravenna'' by Taddeo Zuccari File:Francesco salviati e giuseppe porta detto il salviatino, Riconciliazione di papa Alessandro III e Federico Barbarossa, 1565-75, 01.jpg|''Submission of Frederick Barbarossa before Pope Alexander III during the signing of the Treaty of Venice'' by Giuseppe Salviati and Giuseppe Porta File:Livio agresti, Pietro d'Aragona offre il regno a papa Innocenzo III, 1561-63, 03.jpg|''King Peter II of Aragon offers his kingdom to Pope Innocent III'' by Livio Agresti File:Giorgio vasari, gregorio xi torna a roma da avignone, 1572-73, 01.jpg|''Pope Gregory XI returns to Rome from Avignon'' by Vasari File:Giorgio vasari e aiuti, la battaglia di lepanto, 1572-73, 01.jpg|''Battle of Lepanto'' by Giorgio Vasari File:Giorgio vasari, prima storia della notte di san bartolomeo, 1573, 03 ammiraglio gaspard ferito.jpg|''Admiral Coligny is wounded before Massacre of St Bartholemew'' by Vasari File:Giorgio vasari, seconda storia della notte di san bartolomeo, 1573, 01.jpg|''Defenestration of Coligny and Massacre of St Bartholemew'' by Vasari File:Sala regia, 03.jpg|Paintings and Marble on southern wall File:Perin del vaga, volta della Sala regia 02.jpg|Ceiling paintings by Perin del Vaga

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The Vatican: spirit and art of Christian Rome
a book from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Libraries (fully available online as PDF), which contains material on Sala Regia (pp. 126–127) * Alessio Celletti, ''Autorappresentazione papale ed età della Riforma: gli affreschi della Sala Regia Vaticana'', Eurostudium, Roma 201

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