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Saha District
Saha District
is a gu in western Busan, South Korea. It has an area of 40.89 km², and a population of about 375,000. About a third of the area is forest land. Saha-gu became a gu of Busan
in 1983. It is home to the Seunghak Campus of Dong-A University.


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Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions

Saha-gu is divided into 8 legal dong, which altogether comprise 16 administrative dong, as follows:

Goejeong-dong (4 administrative dong) Dangni-dong Hadan-dong (2 administrative dong) Sinpyeong-dong (2 administrative dong) Jangnim-dong (2 administrative dong) Dadae-dong (2 administrative dong) Gupyeong-dong Gamcheon-dong
(2 administrative dong)

Sister cities[edit]

Dongli, China

See also[edit]

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^ http://silver.saha.busan.kr/now/now01_01.htm

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