Sa'ilele is a village on the north shore in the Eastern District of Tutuila Island in American Samoa. It is reached from a cross-island road which leads north from the village of Faga'itua. By turning off at the pass, the turn-off takes you down a narrow road through dense forest to Sa'ilele. The village is known for having some of Tutuila’s best swimming beaches. The sandy area below the rock outcrops at the western end of the beach is also a popular site for picnics. On a track east of the village is a burial ground where some ali'i (high chiefs) were buried.[1][2]

Sa'ilele was home to the only pre-Christian temple ever documented on Tutuila Island. The temple consisted of a small fale about ten feet in length, covered by a low roof. The structure was set in a thick and sacred grove of coconut trees. Rocks discovered inside the temple were referred to as The Immovable Rock, The Enduring Power and The Rock Fixed in the Kingdom.[3]


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Coordinates: 14°15′26″S 170°35′50″W / 14.25722°S 170.59722°W / -14.25722; -170.59722