The Info List - S.O.S.A. (Save Our Streets AZ)

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S.O.S.A. is a compilation album made to promote AZ's then-upcoming album 9 Lives. It features ten tracks, and has songs that are not found on AZ's other albums along with songs that ended up making it on the 9 Lives album. It was distributed in the streets, as AZ was a free agent at the time and was in the process of finding a new label after Noo Trybe Records
Noo Trybe Records
let him go. Track listing[edit]

"Intro" "I Don't Give a Fuck Now" "Problems" "Bodies Gotta Get Caught" "Let Us Toast" "Platinum Bars" "Love Me in Your Special
Way" "That's Real" (featuring Beanie Sigel) "Animal Skit (You Ain't from Brooklyn)" "It B's Like That" (featuring Animal)

Samples[edit] Problems

"All This Love" by Debarge

Let Us Toast

"I Forgot to Be Your Lover" by Mad Lads

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Studio albums

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Doe or Die

Compilation albums/mixtapes

S.O.S.A. (Save Our Streets AZ) Decade 1994–2004 The Memphis Sessions: The Remix-Tape N.4.L. (Niggaz 4 Life) Final Call (The Lost Tapes) Anthology (B-Sides & Unreleased) G.O.D. (Gold, Oil & Diamonds) Doe or Die: 15th Anniversary

Collaboration album

The Firm: The Album

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