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Ruston Way Park is one of many parks located along Ruston Way in the north end of Tacoma, Washington, USA. The area is a popular walking spot, with many joggers taking the route in the morning. Ruston Way Park is the largest of the metropolitan parks along the way, and also the most popular destination for picnicers, especially because of the gentle sea breeze that comes off Commencement Bay. It is located between the Old Tacoma area and the City of Ruston, although it is significantly closer to the former. Previously, exercise stations were available for joggers, but these were removed sometime around 2002 because they were difficult to maintain. Now it is much easier to maintain and adds more to the beauty of nature. Coordinates: 47°17′58.5″N 122°31′23.8″W / 47.299583°N 122.523278°W / 47.299583; -122.523278

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