The Russian steam locomotive class O (from Russian: Основной) was an early type of Russian steam locomotives. Between 1890 and 1928, 9129 locomotives were built; hence it was the second most numerous class of locomotive in Russia, after E class,[1] which was a unique number even on the international level.


Basic variants were early Od and OD (Russian: Од, OД) with Joy valve gear and most numerous later OV (OВ) with Walschaerts valve gear. Some locomotives were built as two cylinder simple expansion and others as two cylinder compounds.[2]

Armoured locomotives

In World War I, the Russian civil war and the Eastern Front of World War II O-class locomotives were widely used as standard armoured locomotives in armoured trains due to rugged construction and low silhouette. Relatively lightweight, these locomotives could carry more armor without overloading the track.


The Class O locomotive was also included in the Rails of War Mod for Minecraft. It only comes with no armor, and a black paint-scheme(you can change it with dye), and is the biggest and fastest loco in the mod, with chuffing sounds, and a 5-chime steam whistle, and it goes well with the other engines: B-2023, an 0-6-0, and the Cherepanov loco.


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