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RUNNING WITH THE BUFFALOES, written by Chris Lear and published by The Lyons Press (ISBN 1-58574-328-3 ), chronicles the University of Colorado cross country team's 1998 season from the late summer practices to the men's NCAA cross country championships .


The book centers on the University of Colorado's men's cross country team. Most of the story, however, is focused on coach Mark Wetmore, risk-taker Chris Severy, and Adam Goucher , the team's top runner and one of the best cross-country runners in the nation. The story is written in a journal fashion, each chapter representing a different entry. Each entry discusses the team's run for the day. Lear also includes information about Wetmore's training methods, based on those of Arthur Lydiard .

Since the 1998 season, the Buffaloes have won the men's NCAA Division I cross country championship five times.


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