Royal may refer to:


* Royal (name), a list of people with either the surname or given name * A member of a royal family


United States

* Royal, Arkansas, an unincorporated community * Royal, Illinois, a village * Royal, Iowa, a city * Royal, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Royal, Nebraska, a village * Royal, Beaufort County, North Carolina * Royal, Franklin County, North Carolina, an unincorporated area * Royal, Utah, a ghost town * Royal, West Virginia, an unincorporated community * Royal Gorge, on the Arkansas River in Colorado * Royal Township (disambiguation)


* Mount Royal, a hill in Montreal, Canada * Royal Canal, Dublin, Ireland * Royal National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Arts, entertainment, and media

* ''The Royal'', a British medical drama television series * ''The Royal Magazine'', a monthly British literary magazine published between 1898 and 1939 * ''Royal'' (Indian magazine), a men's lifestyle bimonthly * Royal Tenenbaum, protagonist of the 2001 film ''The Royal Tenenbaums'', played by Gene Hackman

Brands and enterprises

* Royal (restaurant), former Michelin starred restaurant in The Hague, Netherlands * Royal Tru, a soda brand owned by the Coca-Cola Company * Chrysler Royal, an automobile produced between 1937 and 1942 and 1946 to 1950 * Dodge Royal, a style of the 1955 Dodge automobile * Royal Baking Powder Company * Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada * Royal Opera House, London, UK, better known as Covent Garden * Royal Typewriter Company, a leading typewriter company


* No. 32 Squadron RAF, or the Royal Squadron * Régiment Royal, a French Army regiment established in 1656


* Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK * Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka * Royal College of Art, London, UK * Royal Grammar School Worcester, UK * Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK * Royal Military College, Duntroon, Australian Capital Territory, Australia * Royal University of Bhutan * Royal University of Ireland


* Kansas City Royals, a major league baseball team founded in 1969 * Royal '95, a Surinamese association football club.

Other uses

* Royal (sail), a small sail on square rigged sailing ships * Royal, a traditional size of paper * Royal Medal, awarded annually by the Royal Society

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