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Rowe Hessler
Rowe Hessler
(born on February 27, 1991 on Long Island, New York) is a two-time former speedcubing U.S. Champion and runner-up World Champion as of 2011. He held the North American record for the average of 5 Rubik's Cube
Rubik's Cube
solves almost continuously from 2009 to 2014, during which time the record dropped from 11.11 seconds to 8.27 seconds.[1] As of May 2014, his average of 8.27 seconds ranks him eleventh in the world.[2] Hessler is also known for his expertise in the 2x2x2 event, having set the former world record in 2009 with an average time of 2.45 seconds. In October 2009, he attended the World Championships in Germany and was crowned World Champion in the 2x2x2 event. World records[edit]

Event Result Competition

2x2x2 single 0.96 seconds U.S. Nationals 2010

2x2x2 average 2.45 seconds Brown Cubing Day 2009

3.15 seconds Cumberland Valley Open 2009

most 3x3x3 in 24h 6680 Dec 5th, 2015[3]

North American Records[edit]

Event Result Competition

3x3x3 single 6.94 seconds MIT Fall 2010

8.72 seconds Washington D.C. Open 2010

8.91 seconds Newark Open 2008

9.13 seconds US Nationals and Open 2008

3x3x3 average 8.27 seconds Bridgewater Open 2011

8.91 seconds Liberty Science 2010

9.39 seconds MIT Fall 2010

9.96 seconds Harvard Fall 2010

10.39 seconds Washington D.C. Open 2009

11.04 seconds Brown Cubing Day 2009

2x2x2 single 1.03 seconds Brown Cubing Day 2009

2.90 seconds Cornell Spring 2008

2x2x2 average 3.35 seconds Virginia Open 2008

4x4x4 single 29.30 seconds World Championship 2013

31.65 seconds River Hill Winter 2013

4x4x4 average 34.32 seconds CSP Fall 2013

3x3x3 Blindfolded 59.66 seconds Niagara Open Summer 2008

3x3x3 One-handed single 11.41 seconds MIT Spring 2011

16.21 seconds Toronto Open Winter 2008

3x3x3 One-handed average 14.92 seconds MIT Fall 2011

15.97 seconds MIT Fall 2010

16.24 seconds Harvard Fall 2010

17.42 seconds Long Island 2010

19.11 seconds MIT Fall Competition 2009

single 58.59 US Nationals 2011

3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded 4/4, 18:34 Kearny Kardinal 2008

5/8, 59.20 US Open 2007


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