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Rotherham Interchange is a bus station serving the town of
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South Yorkshire
. It consists of 24 bus stands located inside the main Interchange building in Rotherham town centre, next to the College Walk shopping centre which leads out onto Frederick Street. It is the main hub for bus services in the Rotherham area, and is located a short walk over the
Chantry Bridge Rotherham Bridge crosses the River Don, South Yorkshire, River Don in central Rotherham, South Yorkshire. It is known for its bridge chapel, considered the best preserved in England.David Hey, ''Medieval South Yorkshire'' A document of 1385 re ...

Chantry Bridge
over the River Don from
Rotherham Central station Rotherham Central railway station is in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. The railway station, station was originally named "Rotherham", becoming "Rotherham and Masborough" in January 1889 and finally "Rotherham Central" on 25 September 195 ...
on the
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Sheffield Supertram
networks. On 15 May 2016 the Interchange suffered major damage after a Stagecoach bus caught fire inside the building in a suspected
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attack. The bus station was closed for several days before reopening after temporary repairs were made. On 29 April 2018, the bus station was closed for more permanent repairs and a full refurbishment costing £12 million; it reopened on 3 March 2019. During the closure of Rotherham Interchange, bus services departed from Greasbrough Road and a temporary bus station on the site of the former Forge Island Tesco supermarket.


, the stand allocation is:


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