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Rotherham College (formerly Rotherham College of Arts and Technology shortened to RCAT) is a
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college in
Rotherham Rotherham () is a large market town, market and minster (church), minster town in South Yorkshire, England. The River Rother, South Yorkshire, River Rother (which the town takes its name from) merges with the River Don, South Yorkshire, River D ...
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South Yorkshire
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. It was established as Rotherham School of Science and Art in the 19th century. From the 1930s, it provided technical-orientated education from the Howard building on Eastwood Lane, Rotherham. In 1981, three neighbouring colleges of arts, technology and adult education were merged into one. As a result, the college became known as Rotherham College of Arts and Technology (RCAT). In August 2004, Rotherham College merged with the Dinnington-based further education provider, Rother Valley College. On 1 February 2016, Rotherham College merged with North Notts College to create a new education and training organisation, the RNN Group. The name, Rotherham College, was retained for the two campuses. On 1 February 2017, Dearne Valley College joined the RNN Group. Alongside the three colleges, the RNN Group also incorporates an apprenticeship business, RNN Training, and a number of subsidiary companies which cover a range of specialist training sectors. The RNN Group was criticised by OFSTED, for its poor oversight of subcontractors in 2018.


Rotherham College has two campuses, Rotherham Town Centre campus (TCC) and Dinnington campus (DC). The Town Centre campus is situated on Eastwood Lane and the Dinnington campus on Doe Quarry Lane, Dinnington. The Town Centre campus contains four buildings, the Eastwood Building, the Wentworth Building and the Clifton building (the latter two of which are connected to each other), and the Construction Centre, which is on the other side of town near
Rotherham Interchange Rotherham Interchange is a bus station serving the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire. It consists of 24 bus stands located inside the main Interchange building in Rotherham town centre, next to the College Walk shopping centre which leads out on ...
, towards the Parkgate, South Yorkshire, Parkgate.

Notable alumni

* Sean Bean – actor * Howard Webb, Howard Webb MBE - professional football referee * Peter Elliott (athlete), Peter Elliott – olympic distance runner


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