Roosevelt Island is an ice-covered island, about long in a NW-SE direction, wide and about in area, lying under the eastern part of the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica. Its central ridge rises to about above sea level, but this and all other elevations of the island are completely covered by ice, so that the island is invisible at ground level. Examination of how the ice flows above it establishes the existence and extent of the island. Radar surveying carried out between 1995 and 2013 showed that the Raymond Effect was operating beneath the ice divide. The island has become a focus of the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) research using ice coring. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd named it in 1934 after US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Byrd was the leader of the expedition that discovered the island. Roosevelt Island lies within the boundaries of the Ross Dependency, New Zealand's Antarctic claim.

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