The Info List - Roog (story)

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Philip K. Dick sold approximately fifteen short stories himself before becoming a client of literary agent Scott Meredith (through the Scott Meredith Literary Agency). "ROOG" was Dick's first sale but not his first published story.


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"Roog" is a story told from the point of view of a dog named Boris, who observes his master's carefully stored food in containers outside of their house day after day. Unbeknownst to the dog, these are the human's trash cans for garbage . The dog is later horrified to witness some food being 'stolen' by garbagemen who the dog knows are predatory carnivores from another planet. The dog comes to know these beings as 'Roogs', and tries to warn his master of each 'theft' with cries of 'Roog!' 'Roog!'. The humans, unable to comprehend the hound's message, think the dog is just being rowdy. Thus they attribute the sound the dog makes to be the sound that all dogs make when they are excited: 'Roog!' 'Roog!' The tale concludes with the animal being somewhat distraught, barking "ROOG!" very loudly at the garbagemen before they make off once more with trash in their garbage truck.


"Roog" was written in November 1951 and appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy ">

Soon after "Roog"'s original publication, Boucher attempted to get it published once more, in a science fiction anthology being compiled by a person Dick refers to as "Ms. J.M." (Judith Merrill Interview with Lupoff). However, s