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(Italian pronunciation: [roˈɛːro]) is a geographical area in the north-east corner of the province of Cuneo in Piedmont, north-west Italy. This hilly region is known for its wines and for its fruit production: particularly the peaches of Canale and the local variety of pear known as Madernassa which originated in the late eighteenth century in Guarene.[1] Strawberries are also grown. The name comes from the Roero
family of bankers and traders, who were prominent in the political life of Asti
and its environs, and who dominated this area for a number of centuries during the Middle Ages.


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Extent[edit] The territory lies to the north of Alba. The river Tanaro marks its southern border, dividing it from the Langhe. To the north-east its informal boundary with Monferrato
follows approximately the line of the border between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, although Cisterna d’ Asti
can be taken to be part of Roero. To the north-west it is confined by the province of Turin. To the west its border is taken to be the SS 61 state road which runs through the communes of Bra, Sanfrè
and Sommariva del Bosco.[2] The communes which fall, partly or entirely within Roero
are thus:

Alba Bra Baldissero d’Alba Canale Castagnito Castellinaldo Ceresole Alba Cisterna d’Asti Corneliano d’Alba Guarene Govone Magliano Alfieri Montà Montaldo Roero Monteu Roero Monticello d’Alba Piobesi d’Alba Pocapaglia Priocca Sanfrè Santa Vittoria d’Alba Santo Stefano Roero Sommariva del Bosco Sommariva Perno Vezza d’Alba

The designated zone of production for the DOCG wines Roero
and Roero Arneis
is a subset of this territory which comprises the communes of Castellinaldo, Canale, Corneliano d’Alba, Piobesi d’Alba
Piobesi d’Alba
and Vezza d’Alba, plus parts of Baldissero d'Alba, Castagnito, Guarene, Govone, Magliano Alfieri, Montà, Monteu Roero, Pocapaglia, Priocca, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Santo Stefano Roero
Santo Stefano Roero
and Sommariva Perno.[3] Viticulture[edit] Roero
is a recognized wine-making area of the Province of Cuneo
Province of Cuneo
in the Piedmont
region; along with its neighbours Langhe
and Monferrato
it forms the “Distretto Langhe, Roero
e Monferrato” wine district.[4] Roero
wines include the red Roero, as well as the white Roero
Arneis, and sparkling white Roero Arneis
Roero Arneis
Spumante. The name "Roero" lacking any further specification is reserved for red wines made from a minimum of 95% Nebbiolo
grapes with the addition of 2%–5% of non-aromatic red varieties.[5] Roero
must be aged in cellars for twenty months, six of them in wooden barrels, while Roero
riserva (reserve) must be aged at least 32 months total, with the same minimum of six months spent in wood.[6] Nebbiolo
has 194.90 hectares dedicated to it in Roero.[7] Meanwhile, Roero Arneis
Roero Arneis
and Roero Arneis
Roero Arneis
are made from 95% Arneis
grapes with the rest from non-aromatic white varieties of the Piedmonte region.[5] The Arneis
grape variety has 832.89 hectares of vineyards devoted to it in Roero.[7] Roero
became a DOC region in 1985 and a DOCG region in 2005.[7] Other wines produced include Barbera d'Alba, Birbèt, Bonarda, Favorita, Moscato d' Asti
and Nebbiolo
d'Alba. Notes[edit]

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Enoteca Regionale del Roero http://www.comune.asti.it/cultura/stemmi/roero.shtml provides an account of the Roero
family. See also it: Roero
(famiglia). Official UNESCO photo selection Complete UNESCO photo gallery before selection

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