Rodrigo Pinto Guedes, 1st Baron do Rio da Prata (July 27, 1762 in Gradiz, Portugal – June 13, 1845 in Paris) was a naval officer who served in the admiralties of the Kingdom of Portugal, its successor the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves, and finally the Empire of Brazil, for which he acted as commander of all naval operations during the Cisplatine War.


Guedes was born on July 27, 1762 in Aguiar da Beira, Gradiz, Portugal to Rodrigo Pinto Guedes and Maria da Silveira Pereira. His parents intended him to take on a religious life, and sent him to a monastery; however, he ran away and decided to embark on a maritime career. In September 1781, he was named a Cadet of the Portuguese Navy, and thus began what would prove to be a successful career. He married Constanza Smissaert Pinto Caldas, daughter of José Pereira Caldas and Constanza Smissaert.


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