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Rodolfo is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

Rodolfo (born 1911, as Rezső Gross) aka Rezső Gács, most famous Hungarian magician Rodolfo Escalera (born 1929), Mexican American Oil Painter who specialized in realism Rodolfo Bodipo (born 1977), naturalized Equatoguinean football striker Rodolfo Dantas Bispo (born 1982), Brazilian footballer Rodolfo Camacho (born 1975), Colombian road cyclist Rodolfo Luís Costa Miguens Correia (born 1976), Portuguese footballer and coach Rudy Fernández (basketball) (née Rodolfo Fernández i Farrés, born 1985), Spanish basketball player more commonly known as Rudy Fernández Rodolfo Jiménez (born 15 August 1972), Mexican actor and television host Rodolfo Manzo (born 1949), Peruvian footballer Rodolfo Martín Villa (born 1934), Spanish politician Rodolfo Massi (born 1965), Italian road bicycle racer Fito Páez (Rodolfo Páez Ávalos), Argentine musician Rodolfo Pereira de Castro (born 1995), Brazilian footballer Rodolfo Pérez (born 1967), Argentine field hockey player Rodolfo Santos Soares (born 1985), Brazilian footballer Rodolfo Vieira (born 1981), Portuguese violinist Rodolfo Zelaya (born 1988), Salvadoran footballer

Fictional characters[edit]

A character in La bohème

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