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A ROBE is a loose-fitting outer garment . Unlike garments described as capes or cloaks , robes usually have sleeves . The English word robe derives from Middle English
Middle English
robe ("garment"), borrowed from Old French robe ("booty, spoils"), itself taken from the Frankish word *rouba ("spoils, things stolen, clothes"), and is related to the word rob.


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There are various types of robes, including:

* A gown worn as part of the academic regalia of faculty or students , especially for ceremonial occasions, such as a convocations , congregations or graduations . * A gown worn as part of the attire of a judge or barrister . * A wide variety of long, flowing religious dress including pulpit robes and the robes worn by various types of monks . * A gown worn as part of the official dress of a peer or royalty . * Any of several women's fashions of French origin, as robe à l\'anglaise (18th century), robe de style (1920s). * A gown worn in fantasy literature and role-playing games by wizards and other magical characters . * A "bathrobe " worn mostly after bathing or swimming. * (Informal usage) Any long flowing garment; for example, a cassock is sometimes called a robe, although a cassock is close-fitting.


* Thawb
* Abaya
* Academic stole * Kaftan * Clothing
* Seamless robe of Jesus