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word ''rizma''. The term can refer to:


* Nördlinger Ries, a large circular depression in western Bavaria, Germany. * Ries (Graz), a district of the city of Graz, Austria, named after a hill range in it.


* Adam Ries (1492–1559), German mathematician * Al Ries, American marketing professional and author * Charles P. Ries (diplomat) (born 1951), American businessman and diplomat * Charles P. Ries (poet) (born 1952), American poet and writer * Christopher Ries (1952–), American glass sculptor * Eric Ries, American entrepreneur and author * Ferdinand Ries (1784–1838), German composer * Franz Ries (1846–1932), German violinist and composer * Franz Anton Ries (1755–1846), German Musician, Hubert and Ferdinand's Father * Frédérique Ries (1959–), Belgian politician * Heinrich Ries (1871–1951), American economic geologist * Henry Ries (1917–2004), American photographer * Hubert Ries (1802–1886), German Musician, Franz's Father * Irving G. Ries (1890–1963), American cinematographer and special effects artist * István Ries (1885–1950), Hungarian politician * Jane Silverstein Ries, American landscape architect * Judit Györgyey Ries, Hungarian astronomer * Julien Ries, Belgian cardinal * Justin B. Ries, American marine scientist * Laura Ries, American businesswoman and author * Marcie Berman Ries, American foreign service officer * Nick Ries (1982–), former Australian rules footballer * Peter Ries, German record producer * Melty Blood#Characters, Riesbyfe Stridberg, fictional character often nicknamed as Ries.


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