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Richard Nowakowski
Richard Nowakowski
(born 27 September 1955 in Sztum, Poland) is a retired boxer from East Germany, who won the silver medal in the men's featherweight division (– 57 kg) at the 1976 Summer Olympics
1976 Summer Olympics
in Montreal, Canada. There he was defeated in the final by Ángel Herrera of Cuba. Four years later, when Moscow
hosted the Summer Games, Nowakowski competed in the lightweight category (– 60 kg), and captured the bronze medal. The same he did in 1982, at the World Championships in Munich, West Germany. Olympic results[edit] 1976

1st round bye Defeated Ruben Mares (Philippines) 5-0 Defeated Behzad Ghaedi Bardeh (Iran) RSC 3 Defeated Gheorghe Ciochina (Romania) RSC 3 Defeated Leszek Kosedowski (Poland) 5-0 Lost to Ángel Herrera (Cuba) KO 2


Defeated Christopher Ossai (Nigeria) 5-0 Defeated Geofrey Nyeko (Uganda) RSC 1 Defeated George Gilbody (Great Britain) 5-0 Lost to Viktor Demyanenko (Soviet Union) RSC 1


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Richard Nowakowski
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