The Rice University School of Architecture is an undergraduate and graduate institution for the built environment at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Rice's graduate and undergraduate programs in architecture typically maintains an enrollment of around 200 students. Founded in 1912, the faculty consists of twenty architects, historians, and theoreticians, supplemented by visiting scholars and is led by Dean and Professor Sarah Whiting.

The school offers three types of degrees: a Bachelor of Arts (with a major in Architecture or Architectural studies), a Bachelor of Architecture or B.Arch. (an accredited professional degree), and a Master of Architecture or M.Arch.


The Architecture school is housed in MD Anderson Hall off the main academic quadrangle of the University. The building was designed by the school's first dean, William Ward Watkin. As enrollment expanded, the building capacity was extended with an addition by James Stirling. Aside from studio spaces, the building also houses support facilities such as fabrication shops and the Rice Advanced Visualization Laboratory (RAVL). The centerpiece of the school, located at the intersection of old and new wings, contains the Farish Gallery, Jury Room, and Bridge. The Farish Gallery doubles as a Jury room and a space for all school lectures. The bridge serves as a space for informal reviews and pin-ups. The Brown Art and Architecture Library is housed on the third floor of Fondren Library, adjacent to Anderson Hall.


School Administration:

  • Sarah Whiting, Ph.D, Dean and William Ward Watkin Professor of Architecture
  • John J. Casbarian, FAIA, Director of External Programs and Smith Professor
  • Dr. Gordon Wittenberg, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
  • Dr. Christopher Hight, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor


  • William T. Cannady, FAIA; Professor of Architecture
  • Carlos Jimenez, Professor of Architecture
  • Albert Pope, Wortham Professor
  • Mark Wamble, Visiting Cullinan Professor
  • Danny Samuels, Visiting Smith Professor
  • Dawn Finley, Associate Professor
  • Neyran Turan, Assistant Professor
  • Douglas Oliver, Professor in Practice
  • Nonya Grenader, Professor in Practice
  • Troy Schaum, Assistant Professor

Off-campus programs and facilities

The Rice School of Architecture Paris program allows graduate students and 5th year undergraduates to participate in semester-long studies in Paris. The satellite school was founded, and is currently directed by John J. Casbarian, FAIA, the Harry and Albert K. Smith Professor of Architecture. Students live in housing organized by the university. Students have other opportunities to study abroad, contingent upon the project of the studio and curricula of the studio professor. In the past, Rice students have participated in international studios in Hong Kong, Brazil, Turkey, and Mexico.



  • B.Arch. – A five-year program in Architecture *Named Top 10 in Undergraduate Architecture Studies* [1]
  • B.F.A. – A Four-year program in Fine Arts
  • B.A. – Four-year programs with concentrations in either Urban and Regional Studies or History of Architecture


  • M.A. – In History of Architecture, Urban Development, or Historic Preservation Planning
  • M.Arch. I/II/III – In either Architecture or Design
  • M.F.A. – In the Creative Visual Arts
  • M.A.A. – Master of Arts in Architecture


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