Length of term
2 years Authority Article VI, Rhode Island Constitution Salary

Representative: $15,414/year

Speaker of the House: $30,158/year Elections
Last election
November 8, 2016
(75 seats)
Next election
November 6, 2018
(75 seats) Meeting place House of Representatives Chamber
Rhode Island State Capitol
Providence, Rhode Island Website Rhode Island House of Representatives

The Rhode Island House of Representatives is the lower house of the Rhode Island General Assembly, the state legislature of the US state of Rhode Island. It is composed of 75 members, elected to two year terms from 75 districts of equal population. The Rhode Island General Assembly does not have term limits. The House meets at the Rhode Island State Capitol in Providence.[1]

Leadership of the House

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House Resolution. As well as presiding over the body, the Speaker is also the chief leadership position, and controls the flow of legislation. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber.

The current Speaker of the House is Democrat is Nicholas A. Mattiello. He was elected as Speaker of the House by his House colleagues on March 25, 2014. First elected in November 2006 to Represent District 15 in Cranston & he served as the House Majority Leader from February 2010 until becoming Speaker. He replaced former Speaker Gordon D. Fox of District 4 (Providence), who was found to have stolen $108,000 in campaign contributions and accepted $52,000 in bribes.[2][3] The Speaker pro Tempore is Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy (D-Dist. 38, Westerly, Hopkinton). K. Joseph Shekarchi (D) was elected by his fellow Democrats as the House Majority Leader on November 10, 2016. It is the second ranking position in the House Leadership after the Speaker. He has served the residents of District 23 in Warwick since being elected in November 2012. The Republican Minority Leader is Patricia Morgan of District 26 (West Warwick). She was elected House Minority Leader, the highest ranking Republican in the House, in November 2016 six years after first being elected to the House.


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Independent Vacant
End of 2014 session 69 6 0 75 0
Beginning of 2015 session 63 11 1 75 0
March 28, 2016[4] 62 12 75 0
End of 2016 session 75 0
Beginning of 2017 session[5] 64 11 0 75 0
Latest voting share 85.3% 14.7% 0%


Position Representative Party District
Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello Dem 15
Speaker pro Tempore Brian Patrick Kennedy Dem 38
Majority Leader K. Joseph Shekarchi Dem 23
Majority Whip John Edwards Dem 70
Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Rep 26
Minority Whip Blake Filippi Rep 36
Senior Deputy Minority Leader Antonio Giarrusso Rep 30

Members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives

This list is of members elected in November 2016, to serve in the 2017–18 biennium.[6]

District Representative Party Residence/other municipalities in district
1 Edith Ajello Dem Providence
2 Christopher Blazejewski Dem East Providence, Providence
3 Moira Walsh Dem Providence
4 J. Aaron Regunberg Dem Providence
5 Marcia Ranglin-Vassell Dem Providence
6 Raymond Hull Dem Providence
7 Daniel P. McKiernan Dem Providence
8 John J. Lombardi Dem Providence
9 Anastasia P. Williams Dem Providence
10 Scott Slater Dem Providence
11 Grace Diaz Dem Providence
12 Joseph Almeida Dem Providence
13 Ramon Perez Dem Providence, Johnston
14 Charlene Lima Dem Cranston
15 Nicholas A. Mattiello, Speaker Dem Cranston
16 Robert B. Lancia Rep Cranston
17 Robert Jacquard Dem Cranston
18 Arthur Handy Dem Cranston
19 Joseph McNamara Dem Warwick
20 David Bennett Dem Warwick
21 Camille Vella Wilkinson Dem Warwick
22 Joseph J. Solomon, Jr. Dem Warwick
23 K. Joseph Shekarchi Dem Warwick
24 Evan Shanley Dem Warwick
25 Jared Nunes Dem Coventry
26 Patricia Morgan Rep West Warwick
27 Patricia Serpa Dem West Warwick
28 Robert A. Nardolillo Rep Coventry
29 Sherry Roberts Rep Coventry
30 Antonio Giarrusso Rep East Greenwich
31 Julie Casimiro Dem North Kingstown, Exeter
32 Robert Craven Dem North Kingstown
33 Carol McEntee Dem Narragansett, South Kingstown
34 Teresa Tanzi Dem Narragansett, South Kingstown
35 Kathleen A. Fogarty Dem South Kingstown
36 Blake Filippi Rep Charlestown, New Shoreham, South Kingstown, Westerly
37 Samuel Azzinaro Dem Westerly
38 Brian Patrick Kennedy Dem Westerly, Hopkinton
39 Justin K Price Rep Richmond, Exeter, Hopkinton
40 Michael Chippendale Rep Coventry, Foster, Glocester
41 Robert Quattrocchi Rep Scituate
42 Stephen Ucci Dem Johnston
43 Deborah Fellela Dem Johnston
44 Gregory Costantino Dem Lincoln
45 Mia Ackerman Dem Lincoln
46 Jeremiah O'Grady Dem Lincoln
47 Cale Keable Dem Burrillville, Glocester
48 Brian Newberry Rep North Smithfield
49 Michael Morin Dem Woonsocket
50 Stephen Casey Dem Woonsocket
51 Robert Phillips Dem Woonsocket
52 Alex Marszalkowski Dem Cumberland
53 Thomas Winfield Dem Smithfield
54 William O'Brien Dem North Providence
55 Arthur Corvese Dem North Providence
56 Shelby Maldonado Dem Central Falls
57 James McLaughlin Dem Central Falls
58 Carlos E. Tobon Dem Pawtucket
59 Jean Philippe Barros Dem Pawtucket
60 David A. Coughlin, Jr. Dem Pawtucket
61 Raymond Johnston Dem Pawtucket
62 Mary Messier Dem Pawtucket
63 Katherine Kazarian Dem East Providence
64 Helder Cunha Dem East Providence
65 Gregg Amore Dem East Providence
66 Joy Hearn Dem Barrington
67 Jason Knight Dem Warren
68 Kenneth Marshall Dem Bristol
69 Susan R. Donovan Dem Bristol
70 John Edwards Dem Tiverton
71 Dennis Canario Dem Portsmouth, Tiverton, Little Compton
72 Kenneth Mendonca Rep Portsmouth
73 Marvin Abney Dem Newport
74 Deborah Ruggiero Dem Jamestown
75 Lauren H. Carson Dem Newport

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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