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Rhobs al-Arsa (Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.[1]) is a very popular citrus fruit in Morocco.[2]


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Names[edit] Rhobs al-Arsa is Arabic for bread of the garden, or "Garden Loaf", probably referring to the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden (Jannah or hesperides), which, according to some, was a citron or similar fruit. There is also a well known hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco, named Riad Villa al-Arsa.[3][4] This citrus hybrid has many other names, such as Al-zanbu, Khoubs al-Arsa, Koubs al-Arsa, Kubbâd, Robs al-Arsa, Zamboa, Zanbo'a, and Zemboua. Description[edit] Evergreen shrub with the young green shoot, rounded leaves, green and shiny. Round fruit rather flat, with a small nipple at apex, inverted ring around nipple. Skin usually smooth, sometimes rough. Pulp is acidic and fruity, sweet and pleasant albedo, slightly bitter bark. Maturity in February or March. Cold hardiness -2 °C / 3 °C. Open pollinated seedling. Genetics[edit] The Rhobs al Arsa has long been viewed as a citron hybrid, though a different cultivars have been suggested for the parent, for example, Moroccan citron as a male parent and sour orange as the female parent,[5] citron or lemon and a mandarin.[6], or citron and the lime.[7][8] Detailed genomic analysis has allowed the parents to be identified. The genetic structure of the Rhobs al Arsa was found to be highly similar to several cultivars of Citrus limetta, the limetta or Persian sweet lime, and they all likely shared a common origin, arising from a cross between citron (Citrus medica) and sour orange (Citrus × aurantium). The common lemon arose from a distinct hybridization event involving the same two species.[9] Notes[edit]

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Agrumes Baches France plantes Many photos of the fruit by Dr. Giuseppe Home Citrus Growers in United Kingdom have one in their collection Citrus jambhiri Lush. as aided by gas chromato-graphy of their essential leaf oils

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