Rho Pi Phi International Pharmaceutical Fraternity (ΡΠΦ) is a co-ed professional fraternity that dedicates itself to the profession of pharmacy and to friendship, professionalism, and community service.

Rho Pi Phi was founded on January 20, 1919[1] on the campus of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy as the Ram Bam pharmaceutical Society. However, in the following year, its members agreed to form Rho Pi Phi, a pharmaceutical fraternity. Rho Pi Phi was founded to promote friendship, professionalism, and community service. The thirteen founders and charter members of Rho Pi Phi were: Joseph Dunn, Hyman Wolf, Ralph Polian, Samuel Deutchman, Isaac Weiser, Samuel Nannis, Samuel Greenberg, Israel Stone, Robert Goodless, Irving Zolotoy, Max Stoller, and Louis Tankel. These thirteen men felt the impact of segregation and therefore formed a non-sectarian organization.

International status was gained with the formation of a Canadian group, Nu Chapter, at the University of Toronto in 1926. In 1922, the first national convention was held and the Constitution was adopted. Alumni chapters were later organized in order to enable members to continue active particupation in Rho Pi Phi after graduation.[2]


...To maintain the ethical standards, diginity of, and pride in the most ancient and honorable profession of pharmacy.
...To contribute to the moral, social, and intellectual welfare of all students in Pharmacy.
...That we may take the lamp of research into the dark recesses of things unknown and make our contribution to our fellow man.[3]

Current Chapters