Reynolds may refer to:



*Hundred of Reynolds, a cadastral unit in South Australia *Hundred of Reynolds (Northern Territory), a cadastral unit in the Northern Territory of Australia

United States

* Reynolds, Mendocino County, California, a former settlement * Reynolds, Georgia, a town in Taylor County * Reynolds, Illinois, a village in Mercer and Rock Island counties * Reynolds, Indiana, a town in White County * Reynolds, Dallas County, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Reynolds, Reynolds County, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Reynolds, Nebraska, a village in Jefferson County * Reynolds, North Dakota, a city * Reynolds Township, Lee County, Illinois, a town * Reynolds Township, Michigan, a civil township of Montcalm County * Reynolds Township, Minnesota, a town in Todd County * Reynolds County, Missouri, a county in southeast Missouri

Outer space

* Reynolds (crater), impact crater on Mars


* Reynolds Brothers, a New Jersey clothing store chain * Reynolds International Pen Company, a pen brand of Newell Rubbermaid * Reynolds Technology **Reynolds 531 (bicycles) **Reynolds (cycling team) * R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company * Reynolds Metals, a foods packaging company, acquired then sold by Alcoa, now a standalone company * The Reynolds and Reynolds Company

Fluid dynamics

*Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations *Reynolds decomposition *Reynolds number *Reynolds transport theorem


*Reynolds v. Sims, a 1964 U.S. Supreme Court case concerning State legislature electoral districts *Reynolds v. United States, an 1878 U.S. Supreme Court case about polygamy and the use of religious duty as a defense to criminal prosecution *United States v. Reynolds, a 1952 U.S. Supreme Court case concerning the State Secrets Privilege *Reynolds v Times Newspapers Ltd, a UK legal case concerning qualified privilege for publication of defamatory statements in the public interest, which led to the 'Reynolds defence'


* Reynolds (surname) * Reynolds Price (1933–2011), American author

Other uses

*Hubble–Reynolds law of galaxy surface brightness *Reynolds syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease *Reynold's News

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