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Revenge of the Virgins is a 1959 American nudie cutie film directed by Peter Perry Jr.. It is a bizarre western nude film in which a tribe of topless female Indian warriors guard a treasure against trespassers. The film is in the public domain.


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Plot summary[edit] Tenderfoot Burton and his wife join forces with an old prospector to search for the rich gold strike of which the old-timer claims to know. Along with a couple of no-account gunslingers, they ride deep into the mountains to find the gold, unaware that the treasure is guarded by an all-female tribe of deadly, beautiful, and topless Indians.[1][dead link] Cast[edit]

Charles Veltmann Jr. as Melvin Potter Jodean Lawrence as Ruby Potter Stanton Pritchard as Pan Taggart - the Gold Prospector Hank Delgado as Bartender Louis Massad as Mike Horton - a Gunslinger Jewell Morgan as Golden Hord Guard #2 Ralph Cookson as Wade Condon - a Gunslinger Betty Shay as Golden Hord Guard #3 Del Monroe as Curt - Young Deserter Jan Lee as Golden Hord Guard #4 Hugo Stanger as Jones - Older Deserter Nona Carver as Golden Hord Guard #5 Joanne Bowers as Yellow Gold Ramona Rogers as Golden Hord Guard #6 Pat O'Connell as Golden Hord Guard #1

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^ "Revenge Of The Virgins Uncut 1960". Google Video collection. 

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