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Revenge of the Conquered
Revenge of the Conquered
(Italian: Drakut il vendicatore, literally "Drakut the Avenger") is a 1961 Italian epic adventure film directed by Luigi Capuano and starring Burt Nelson and Wandisa Guida. It grossed 244 million lire at the Italian box office.[1][2]


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Plot[edit] This action packed romantic thriller begins as Drakut encounters and saves a pretty young gypsy on his return home from war. Drakut is not aware that the gypsy girl is actually Princess Irina, and she is not aware that Drakut is the son of the gypsy queen. Princess Irina's father, Nicholas, is the fair ruler of the local kingdom, however, is often influenced by the evil Grand Duke, Atanas. Chaos ensues when Atanas has Drakut's mother burned at the stake after speculation that she is a witch. None-the-wiser to Atanas' evil motives Drakut blames Irina for his mother's death. Atanas then has Nicholas killed and blames it on Drakut. When Drakut eventually learns the true identity of the gyspy girl as Princess Irina, he rescues her from an arranged marriage to Atanas. In return, the Princess names Drakut a Prince, making him eligible to marry her. Cast[edit]

Burt Nelson as Drakut Wandisa Guida
Wandisa Guida
as Irina Mario Petri
Mario Petri
as Atanas Moira Orfei
Moira Orfei
as Edmea Walter Barnes Franco Fantasia Carla Calò Maria Grazia Spina Rosalia Maggio Ugo Sasso Elio Crovetto


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Revenge of the Conquered
Revenge of the Conquered
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