Retro (New Order album)



''Retro'' is a 2002 box set of music by the English band New Order. It comprises four themed CDs. In the UK, initial quantities came with a fifth disc which featured tracks with limited release numbers.


The box set was released as a compromise. The band's manager,
Rob Gretton Robert Leo Gretton (15 January 1953 – 15 May 1999) was the manager of Joy Division and New Order (band), New Order. He was partner in and co-director of Factory Records and a founding partner of The Haçienda. For ten years until his death in 1 ...
, had originally envisioned a box set called ''Recycle'', which would feature all the singles New Order had released, one single per CD, in a grand 20 CD box. However,
London Records London Recordings (or London Records and London Music Stream) is a British record label that marketed records in the United States, Canada, and Latin America for Decca Records from 1947 to 1980 before becoming semi-independent. The London nam ...
deemed this excessive, and the idea was shelved. New Order released '' Get Ready'' in 2001 and a year later ''Retro'' surfaced. The CDs each have a particular theme: ''Pop'', ''Fan'', ''Club'' and ''Live''. Each one was selected by a friend of the band. The idea of the limited edition fifth bonus disc was hatched as a direct result of online protestation that the ''Recycle'' project had been abandoned. Fans of the band saw the ''Retro'' track listing as a disappointing cash-in exercise as it offered nothing rare or noteworthy, and no tracks that weren't already widely available on CD. Dissent voiced on the NewOrderOnline message board caught the eye of the band's management who negotiated with HMV to fund the limited run of 3000 discs that were included in initial copies of the box set sold exclusively by their UK stores.

Track listing

All songs written by New Order, except where noted.



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