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The República, styled with an accented u, is a national daily newspaper published by Nepal
Republic Media Pvt. Ltd. in Kathmandu, Nepal. Founded by now-resigned editor-in-chief Ameet Dhakal, the newspaper began its online edition on January 1, 2009 and the print edition on April 24, 2009. The República is the sister publication of the Nagarik, a similar daily paper written in Nepali.


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Overview[edit] Ameet Dhakal was the founding editor in chief of the newspaper but resigned in April 2012, whereupon Kosmos Biswakarma took over the editorship. Subhash Ghimire, a graduate from Harvard Kennedy School of Government in 2014, was appointed editor in chief at the age of 28 in October 2014.[2][3] The daily newspaper has also partnered with the International New York Times. The publication is owned by the Gyawali family, who co-founded Nepal's Kantipur Publications Pvt. Ltd. which split in 2008.[citation needed] Stories and impact[edit] In the last two years, the newspaper has boldly exposed wrong doing of numerous INGOs, NGOs and government offices. Republica exposed The World Food Programme's "rotten rice scandal" in Gorkha.[4] Moreover, they also exposed the massive abuse of resources meant for earthquake victims by Nepal
Red Cross Society.[5] References[edit]

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