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Coordinates: 43°13′4.8″N 22°18′26.78″E / 43.218000°N 22.3074389°E / 43.218000; 22.3074389 Remesiana
was an ancient Roman city and former bishopric, which remains a Latin Catholic titular see, located around and under the modern city of Bela Palanka, okrug (district) of Pirot, in Serbia.

Basilica Apse under excavation in Remesiana, found under modern residential building.

was declared an Archaeological Sites of Great Importance in 1987, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.


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History[edit] Remesiana
was built after the Roman conquest of Moesia, in the area of the town Aiadava. It was on the route of ancient Via Militaris
Via Militaris
road between Naissus
and Serdica
in Dacia
Ripensis. Districts[edit] Byzantine Emperor
Byzantine Emperor
had the following strongholds in the district of Remesiana : Brittura, Subaras, Lamponiana, Stronges, Dalmatas, Primiana, Phrerraria, Topera, Tomes, Cuas, Tzertzenutzas, Stens, Aeadaba, Destreba, Pretzouries, Cumudeba, Deurias, Lutzolo, Rhepordenes, Spelonca, Scumbro, Briparo, Tulcoburgo, Longiana, Lupophantana, Dardapara, Burdomina, Grinciapana, Graecus and Drasimarca. Site of the Assembly[edit] Austrian historian Karl Patsch's opinion that the provincial assembly of Moesia
Superior sat at Remesiana, based upon the fact that some inscriptions were discovered, "inaugurated between 202 and 209 by Ulpiana
in honour of Septimius Severus
Septimius Severus
and Julia Augusta,"[1] is not correct.

Septimius Severus's monument in Bela Palanka

One can see in a recently discovered inscription of identical content[2] that these inscriptions were inaugurated in 202. However, that year Septimius Severus
Septimius Severus
returned from the east to Rome and probably passed through Remesiana
and on that occasion the inscriptions were inaugurated. Ecclesiastical History[edit] Remesiana
was import enough in the Late Roman province
Roman province
of Dacia Mediterranea to become (circa 300 AD) one of the suffragans of its capital's Metropolitan, the Archdiocese of Serdica, in the sway of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It was suppressed circa 500 AD. Only two residential Suffragan
Bishops of Remesiana
are historically documented :

Saint Nicetas of Remesiana (fl. ca. 335–414), friend of Paulinus of Nola, and to whom Gennadio di Marsiglia dedicated a brief biographical note in De Viris Illustribus, patron saint of Romania, canonized by both Catholic and Orthodox churches Diogenianus, participant at the Second Council of Ephesus in 449.

Titular see[edit] Remesiana
is a Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
titular see [3] since circa 1890, when the diocese as nominally restored as Latin titular bishopric of Remesiana
(Latin = Curiate Italian) / Remesianen(sis) (Latin adjective). It has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting Episcopal (lowest) rank :

Joseph-Marie Leray, Sacred Heart Missionaries
Sacred Heart Missionaries
(M.S.C.) (born France) (1897.07.27 – death 1929.10.17) as first Apostolic Vicar
Apostolic Vicar
of Gilbert Islands (Kiribati) (1897.07.27 – 1927) and emeritate Federico Melendro Gutiérrez (梅耿光), Jesuits
(S.J.) (born Spain) (1930.02.14 – 1946.04.11) as only Apostolic Vicar
Apostolic Vicar
of Anqing 安慶 (China) (1930.02.14 – 1946.04.11); later promoted first Metropolitan Archbishop of Anqing 安慶 (1946.04.11 – death 1978.10.25) Francisco Javier Ochoa Ullate (陳明理), Augustinian Recollects (O.A.R.) (born Spain) (1947.12.11 – 1976.09.06) as emeritate; formerly only Apostolic Prefect
Apostolic Prefect
of Guide 歸德 (China) (1929.01.08 – 1937.05.18), (see) promoted only Apostolic Vicar
Apostolic Vicar
of Guide 歸德 (1937.05.18 – 1946.04.11) and Titular Bishop of Chusira
(1937.05.18 – 1946.04.11), again (see) promoted first Bishop of Shangqiu 商邱 (China) (1946.04.11 – retired 1947.12.11) Jacques Louis Marie Joseph Fihey (1977.05.31 – 1989.04.22) as Auxiliary Bishop
Auxiliary Bishop
of Archdiocese of Marseille (France) (1977.05.31 – 1983.02.12); later French army bishop : last Military Vicar of Military Vicariate of France
Military Vicariate of France
(1983.02.12 – 1986.07.21), restyled first Military Ordinary of Military Ordinariate of France
Military Ordinariate of France
(1986.07.21 – 1989.04.22), finally Bishop of Coutances (France) (1989.04.22 – retired 2006.10.02), died 2017 Sylvester Donovan Ryan (1990.02.17 – 1992.01.28) as Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Los Angeles (California, USA) (1990.02.17 – 1992.01.28); later Bishop of Monterey (USA) (1992.01.28 – retired 2006.12.19) Nicola De Angelis, Sons of the Immaculate Conception (C.F.I.C.) (born Italy) (1992.04.27 – 2002.12.28) as Auxiliary Bishop
Auxiliary Bishop
of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) (1992.04.27 – 2002.12.28); later Bishop of Peterborough (Canada) (2002.12.28 – retired 2014.04.08) Francis Ronald Reiss (2003.07.07 – ...) as Auxiliary Bishop
Auxiliary Bishop
of Archdiocese of Detroit (USA) (2003.07.07 – 2015.11.11) and on emeritate.

See also[edit]

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Catholic Encyclopedia

Sources and external links[edit]

GCatholic - former & titular bishopric


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