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Rehabilitation (neuropsychology), therapy to regain or improve neurocognitive function that has been lost or diminished Rehabilitation (wildlife), treatment of injured wildlife so they can be returned to the wild Drug rehabilitation, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on substances such as alcohol and drugs Occupational rehabilitation, therapy to return injured workers to an appropriate level of work activity Physical medicine and rehabilitation, a branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability to those with physical impairments or disabilities

Physical therapy, physical rehabilitation using mechanical force and movement

Psychiatric rehabilitation, a branch of psychiatry dealing with restoration of mental health and life skills after mental illness Vision rehabilitation, rehabilitation to improve vision or low vision Vocational rehabilitation, process which enables persons with impairments or disabilities to maintain or return to employment or occupation


Rehab (band), a rock band from Georgia, US Rehab (DJ)
Rehab (DJ)
or R3hab, Dutch DJ Rehab (Quiet Riot album), 2006 heavy metal album Rehab (Lecrae album), 2010 Christian hip hop album "Rehab" (Amy Winehouse song), 2006 song from the album Back to Black "Rehab" (Rihanna song), 2007 song from the album Good Girl Gone Bad The Rehab, a 2010 album by Young Buck


Rehab Bassam (born 1977), Egyptian blogger Rehab Nazzal, Palestinian-born multidisciplinary artist based in Canada

Other uses[edit]

Rehabilitation (penology), re-integration into society of a convicted person Political rehabilitation, the process by which a disgraced political actor is restored to public life Rehabilitation (Soviet), the restoration of a person who was criminally prosecuted without due basis "Rehab" (The Assistants episode), 2009 television episode Rehab (party), a weekly summer outdoor party in Las Vegas

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel, a reality TV show about the party

El Rehab, a community within New Cairo, Egypt Land rehabilitation, the process of restoring land after some process has damaged it Rehabbing housing, see Renovation

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