Reginald is a masculine given name in the English language.

Etymology and history

The meaning of Reginald is “King". The name is derived from the Latin ''Reginaldus'', which has been influenced by the Latin word ''regina'', meaning "queen". This Latin name is a Latinisation of a Germanic language name. This Germanic name is composed of two elements: the first ''ragin'', meaning "advice", "counsel", "decision"; the second element is ''wald'', meaning "rule", "ruler". The Old German form of the name is ''Raginald''; Old French forms are ''Reinald'' and ''Reynaud''. Forms of this Germanic name were first brought to the British Isles by Scandinavians, in the form of the Old Norse ''Rögnvaldr''. This name was later reinforced by the arrival of the Normans in the 11th century, in the Norman forms ''Reinald'' and ''Reynaud''. which cited: for the surname "Reynold". The Latin ''Reginaldus'' was used as a Latin form of cognate names, such as the Old Norse ''Rögnvaldr'', and the Gaelic ''Ragnall'' and ''Raghnall''. Another French form, ''Renouard'', was introduced by the Visigoths.House of Names: Renouard
/ref> By the 18th and 19th centuries, the alternate spelling ''Renoir'' also came into use.


* Afrikaans: Ryno * Ancient Germanic: Raginald, Reinald, Reinhold * Ancient Scandinavian: Ragnvaldr * Arabic: ريجنالد (Ryǧināld) * Belarusian: Рэджынальд (Redžynaĺd) * Bulgarian: Реджиналд (Redzhinald) * Catalan: Renald * Chinese: 雷金纳德 (Léijīnnàdé) (雷金納德) * Danish: Ragnvald * Dutch: Reinoud, Reinout * Finnish: Reino * Filipino: Regino * French: Réginald, Renaud, Renoir, Renouard, Reynaud * German: Reinhold * Gujarati: રેજિનાલ્ડ (Rējinālḍa) * Hebrew: רג'ינלד (Rejinald) * Hindi: रेगीनाल्ड (Rēgīnālḍa) * Icelandic: Rögnvaldur * Irish: Raghnall * Italian: Rinaldo * Japanese: レジナルド (Rejinarudo) * Kannada: ರೆಜಿನಾಲ್ಡ್ (Rejinālḍ) * Korean: 레지날드 (Rejinaldeu) * Latin: Reginaldus * Macedonian: Реџиналд (Redžinald) * Middle Irish: Ragnall * Mongolian: Режиналд (Ryejinald) * Norwegian: Ragnvald * Old French: Reinald, Reynaud * Old German: Raginald * Old Irish: Ragnall * Old Norse: Rögnvaldr * Persian: رجینالد * Polish: Reginald * Portuguese: Reginaldo, Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Ronaldo * Punjabi: ਰੇਜਿਨਾਲਡ (Rējinālaḍa) * Russian: Рогволод (Rogvolod) * Scottish Gaelic: Raghnall * Serbian: Региналд (Reginald) * Spanish: Reinaldo, Reynaldo * Swedish: Ragnvald * Tamil: ரெஜினால்டு (Rejiṉālṭu) * Telugu: రెజినాల్డ్ (Rejinālḍ) * Thai: เรจินัล (Recinạl) * Ukrainian: Реджинальд (Redzhynalʹd) * Welsh: Rheinallt * Yiddish: רעגינאַלד (Reginald)

Use and popularity

Today ''Reginald'' is regarded as a very formal name, and bearers generally shorten their name to ''Reg'' in ordinary usage. ''Reggie'' is a pet form of ''Reg''.

People named Reginald

Middle Ages

:''Ordered chronologically'' * Reginald I, Count of Burgundy (986–1057), second Count of the Free County of Burgundy * Reginald I, Count of Bar, Count of Bar (1105–1149) * Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall (c. 1110–1175), also High Sheriff of Devon * Raynald of Châtillon (c. 1125–1187), also known as Reginald of Châtillon, a knight in the Second Crusade and Prince of Antioch * Reginald of Sidon (1130s–1202), Count of Sidon and an important noble in the Kingdom of Jerusalem * Reginald of Canterbury, medieval French writer around 1200 * Reginald (bishop of the Isles) (died c. 1226) * Reginald de Braose (1182–1228), Norman nobleman * Reginald of Piperno (c. 1230–c. 1290), Italian Dominican, theologian and companion of St. Thomas Aquinas * Reginald of Bar (bishop of Metz) (died 1316) * Reginald of Burgundy (died 1321), Count of Montbéliard from 1282 to 1321 * Reginald II, Duke of Guelders (c. 1295–1343)

Modern world

* Reginald Arvizu (born 1969), American rock musician * Reginald Askew (1928–2012), British Anglican priest and academic * Reginald Bonham, English blind chess player * Reginald Bosanquet (1932–1984), British television newsreader best known for presenting News At Ten * Reginald Denny (actor), English stage, film, and television actor * Reginald Oliver Denny, the truck driver nearly beaten to death during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 * Elton John (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight), English singer * Reginald Dyer (1864-1927), British-Indian army officer, mostly remembered for ordering the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919. * Reginald Earnshaw (1927–1941), believed to be the youngest person in the British services to have died in the Second World War * Reginald Fessenden (1866–1932), inventor who conducted pioneering experiments in radio * Reggie Fils-Aimé (born 1961), American businessman and former president/COO of Nintendo of America * Reg Fleming (1936–2009), National Hockey League player * Rex Harrison (1908–1990), English actor * Reginald D. Hunter, American comedian, living and working in Britain * Reggie Jackson (born 1946), former Major League Baseball player, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame * Reginald Kray (1933–2000), one of the Kray twins, English criminals * Reg Keys, British anti-war campaigner and parliamentary candidate * Reginald Lee (1870-1913), lookout stationed in the crow's nest of the RMS Titanic when the ship collided with an iceberg * Reggie Miller (born 1965), former National Basketball Association player, member of the Basketball Hall of Fame * Reginald Noble, best known as Redman * Reginald Owen (1887-1972), British character actor * Reginald Pole (1500–1558), English Archbishop of Canterbury and cardinal * Reginald Sydney Vernon Poulier (1894-1976), Sri Lankan Burgher civil servant * Reginald Prentice (1923–2001), British politician * Reginald Punnett (1875–1967), British geneticist * Reg Saunders (1920–1990), Australian army officer * Reginald Tennekoon, Sri Lankan Sinhala MP for Minipe * Reg Varney (1916–2008), English actor, entertainer and comedian * Reginald VelJohnson (born 1952), American actor * Reggie White (1961–2004), American football player, member of both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame

Fictional characters

* Reginald, in Saki short stories * Reginald, nemesis and cousin of Richie Rich in the movie and comic books * Reginald Barclay, a recurring character in the ''Star Trek'' fictional universe * Reginald Bunthorne, the main character of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera ''Patience'' * Bushroot, Reginald Bushroot, supervillain in the Disney television series ''Darkwing Duck'' *Reginald Copperbottom, the main antagonist of the ''Henry Stickmin'' series * Reginald Deadman, police constable in the British television sitcom ''Goodnight Sweetheart'' * Reggie Mantle, in Archie Comics * Reginald Perrin, the main character of a series of novels by David Nobbs, and ''The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'', the popular BBC-commissioned 1970s comedy based upon it * Reginald Jeeves, the personal servant to Bertie Wooster in a series of short stories and novels by P. G. Wodehouse * Reginald "Reg" Hollis, a long-standing fictional police constable in the British television series ''The Bill'' * Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, in the American television series ''The Wire'' * Reginald, a fictional koala bear in ''American Dad!'', voiced by Erik Durbin * Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford, the protagonist in a series of mysteries by Ruth Rendell * General Reginald Peter Skarr, in ''Evil Con Carne'' and ''The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy'' * Reginald "Belch" Huggins, a minor antagonist in Stephen King’s 1986 novel ''It'' * Reginald "Red" Forman, in ''That 70s Show'' * Reginald Roach, in the ''RoboRoach'' animated TV series * Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright, in the ''Endeavour'' TV series * Reginald Bane, a recurring character in ''Mysticons'' animated TV series * Captain Reginald Thisleton, a World War I fighter pilot whom Woodhouse is heavily implied to have been lovers with in an episode of Archer * Reginald "Reggie" Peters, a ghost Teenager who forms with two other dead himbos and a living girl a band in Julie and the Phantoms.


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