Redonkadonk is a grilled burger with ham, bacon, cheese, egg and Spam inside two grilled cheese sandwiches made with extra thick Texas Toast style bread. It is served by Portland, Oregon's BrunchBox food cart at SW Fifth and Stark.[1] It has been identified as one of the fattiest foods in the U.S. by Health.com[2][3] The sandwich is featured on the Cooking Channel's Eat St. show in its second episode.[4][5][6] The Cooking Channel includes the recipe on its website.[7][8]

The Redonkadonk competes on Portland's food truck and food cart scene against the Big-A** Sandwich's Gutbomb: "a basic Big-A** with double the meat, double the cheese and the girth of a fishbowl", as well as the Original Cheesus from the Grilled Cheese Grill: a Colby Jack and grilled onion grilled cheese sandwich and an American cheese grilled cheese sandwich with pickles encasing a one-third pound burger with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard.[9]

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