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Redback Networks
Redback Networks
was a telecommunications equipment company, specializing in hardware and software used by ISPs to manage broadband services. In December 2006, Ericsson
and Redback announced they had signed a definitive agreement under which Ericsson
would acquire Redback. The transaction was completed in 2007, and Redback Networks is fully integrated in Ericsson. History[edit] Redback Networks
Redback Networks
was founded in August, 1996 by Gaurav Garg and Asher Waldfogel, and traded on NASDAQ
under the symbol RBAK. It was acquired by Ericsson
in January 2007.[1]

1996 August Redback creation (San Jose, CA, USA).


SMS 1800 (first BRAS/BNG).

1999 March SMS 500.

1999 November Redback Networks
Redback Networks
acquires Siara Systems (SmartEdge 800/1200 platform) for $4.3 Billion.[2]

2000 May SMS 10000.

2000 July SmartEdge 800 optical node (SONET/SDH switch).

2000 August Redback Networks
Redback Networks
acquires Abatis Systems.[3]

2001 October SmartEdge 800 router (with PPA1 16 Cores 2.5 Gbits Network Processor).

2002 November SMS 10000SL StreamLiner.

2003 June SmartEdge service gateway (BRAS/BNG).

2003 June SmartEdge 400.

2005 June SmartEdge Ethernet aggregation (new PPA2 32 Cores 10 Gbits Network Processor).

2007 January Redback becomes a subsidiary of Ericsson.

2007 October SmartEdge 1200 (new XCRP4 Processor Card, new PPA3 48 Cores 20 Gbits Network Processor).

2008 Q4 SmartEdge Ethernet aggregation

2009 Q1 SmartMetro SM480 (L2 Ethernet only version of the SmartEdge router).

2010 Q1 SmartEdge 600 and SmartMetro SM240.

2010 January Redback is fully integrated in Ericsson. The SmartEdge router is integrated in the Ericsson
IP Product Line.

2010 Q3 SmartEdge 1200H (High Power version of the SE1200).

2011 1H SmartEdge platforms support Ericsson's 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

2015 Q3 SmartEdge 600

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