Real is a barangay situated at the west of Crossing, in the city of Calamba.[1]

Commerce and Trade

SM City Calamba, Walter Mart - Calamba and 268 Shopping Mall.

The Plaza

It is situated at the point shore of the New City Hall facade, A Rizal Monument (Calamba).

Industrial Park

This barangay is one of the most important in the city like some barangays in Calamba are; Canlubang, Batino and Milagrosa, the barangay located some of the industrial park in Calamba a Light Industry and Science Park of the Philippines II[2].

Neighboring Barangays

Directions Barangays
West Turbina
East Barangay 1, Lecheria & Halang
South La Mesa
North Lawa, Parian


Year Population Household
2014 16,057 3,673
2013 15,462 3,897
2012 14,888 3,410
2011 14,366 3,284
2010 13,085 3,647
2007 13,375 2,100
2000 11,019 2,237
1995 9,645
1990 7,048
1980 5,463


  • SM City Calamba (Triangle Road - Calamba)
  • Walter Mart - Calamba (Real Road)
  • 268 Shopping Mall (Real Road)

Landmark Tourists

Calamba Terminal

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Notable people

Name Description
Jeric Gonzales male, representative of Calamba, and one of the winner's on Protege The biggest search artista break
Thea Tolentino female, representative of Calamba and one of the winner's in Protege



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