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Raymond is a male
given name A given name (also known as a first name or forename) is the part of a quoted in that identifies a person, potentially with a as well, and differentiates that person from the other members of a group (typically a or ) who have a common . ...
. It was borrowed into English from French (older French spellings were Reimund and Raimund, whereas the modern English and French spellings are identical). It originated as the
Germanic Germanic may refer to: * Germanic peoples, an ethno-linguistic group identified by their use of the Germanic languages ** List of ancient Germanic peoples and tribes * Germanic languages :* Proto-Germanic language, a reconstructed proto-language of ...

ᚱᚨᚷᛁᚾᛗᚢᚾᛞ (''Raginmund'') or ᚱᛖᚷᛁᚾᛗᚢᚾᛞ (''Reginmund''). ''Ragin'' (
Gothic Gothic or Gothics may refer to: People and languages *Goths or Gothic people, the ethnonym of a group of East Germanic tribes **Gothic language, an extinct East Germanic language spoken by the Goths **Crimean Gothic, the Gothic language spoken by ...
) and ''regin'' (
Old German Old High German (OHG, german: Althochdeutsch, German abbr. ) is the earliest stage of the German language The German language (, ) is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or c ...
) meant "counsel". The
Old High German Old High German (OHG, german: Althochdeutsch, German abbr. ) is the earliest stage of the German language The German language (, ) is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or c ...
''mund'' originally meant "hand", but came to mean "protection". This etymology suggests that the name originated in the
Early Middle Ages The Early Middle Ages or Early Medieval Period, sometimes referred to as the Dark Ages, is typically regarded by historians as lasting from the late 5th or early 6th century to the 10th century. They marked the start of the Middle Ages ...
, possibly from Latin. Alternatively, the name can also be derived from Germanic Hraidmund, the first element being ''Hraid'', possibly meaning "fame" (compare ''Hrod'', found in names such as
Robert The name Robert is an ancient Germanic given nameGermanic given names are traditionally dithematic; that is, they are formed from two elements, by joining a prefix A prefix is an affix which is placed before the stem of a word. Adding it ...

Roderick Roderick, Rodrick or Roderic (Proto-Germanic Proto-Germanic (abbreviated PGmc; also called Common Germanic) is the reconstructed Reconstruction may refer to: Politics, history, and sociology *Reconstruction (law), the transfer of a compa ...
, Rudolph,
Roland Roland (; frk, *Hrōþiland; lat-med, Hruodlandus or ''Rotholandus''; it, Orlando or ''Rolando''; died 15 August 778) was a Frankish Frankish may refer to: * Franks The Franks ( la, Franci or ) were a group of Germanic peoples The ...
Rodney Rodney may refer to: People * Rodney (name)The personal name Rodney originated as a toponym: Rodney Stoke in Somerset derived its name from an Anglo-Saxon name meaning "Hroda's island" (''Hroda'' being a short form of an Anglo-Saxon name beginning ...
Roger Roger is a given name A given name (also known as a first name or forename) is the part of a quoted in that identifies a person, potentially with a as well, and differentiates that person from the other members of a group (typically a ...

) and ''mund'' meaning "protector". Despite the German and French origins of the English name, some of its early uses in English documents appear in Latinized form. As a surname, its first recorded appearance in Britain appeared in 1086, during the reign of
William the Conqueror William I (c. 1028Bates ''William the Conqueror'' p. 33 – 9 September 1087), usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first House of Normandy, Norman List of English monarchs, monarch of Engl ...

William the Conqueror
, in the
Domesday Book Domesday Book () – the spelling of "Doomsday Book" – is a manuscript record of the "Great Survey" of much of England and parts of Wales completed in 1086 by order of William I, known as . Domesday has long been associated with the Latin p ...
, with a reference to Giraldus Reimundus. The most commonly used names for baby boys based on "Ragin" in 2009 were, in descending order, Raymond, Ramiro, Rayner,
Rein Split reins attached to a western style snaffle bit Reins are items of horse tack, used to direct a horse or other animal used for riding animal, riding. They are long straps that can be made of leather, nylon, metal, or other materials, and ...

, Reingard,
Reynard ''Reynard the Fox'' is a literary cycle of medieval allegorical Dutch, English, French and German fable Fable is a literary genre: a succinct fictional story, in prose Prose is a form of written (or spoken) language that usually exhibit ...
, and Reynold. Its many other variants include Raiment, Raimo, Raimond, Raimondi, Raimondo, Raimund, Raimundo, Ramon, Ramón, Ramond, Ramondelli, Ramondenc, Ramondi, Ramondini, Ramondino, Ramondo, Ramondou, Ramonenc, Ramonic, Ramundi, Rayment, Raymonenc, Raymonencq, Raymont, Raymund, Redmond, Redmonds, Reim, Reimund, Reinmund, Rémon, Rémond, Remondeau, Remondon, Rémont, Reymond, Rimondi, and Rimondini.

Translations and variations

* Albanian: Rajmond * Ancient Germanic: Raginmund, Raimund * Arabic: ريمون (Rimun) * Basque: Erramun, Erramon * Belarusian: Райманд (Rajmand) * Bengali: রেমন্ড (Rēmanḍa) * Bulgarian: Реймонд (Rejmond) * Catalan: Ramon, Raimon * Chinese Simplified: 雷蒙德 * Chinese Traditional: 雷蒙德 * Croatian: Rajmund * Czech: Rajmund *Danish: Ramund * Dutch: Remon, Ramone, Raemon, Raemonn, Ramond, Ramonte, Remone * English: Raymund, Ray, Raymon, Rayman, Raymann, Raymen, Raymone, Raymun, Raemonn, Redmond, Radmond, Radmund, Reddin, Redmund, Reimond, Reymon, Reymound, Reymund, Raimond, Raimonds * Estonian: Raimund, Raimond * Finnish: Raimo, Reima * French: Raymond, Raymonde (feminine), Reimonde * German: Raimund, Reimund * Greek: Ραϋμόνδος (Raf̱̈móndos, Raÿmóndos) * Gujarati: રેમન્ડ (Rēmanḍa) * Hebrew: ריימונד * Hindi: रेमंड (Rēmaṇḍa) * Hungarian: Ramón * Indonesian: Raimundus * Irish: Réamann, Radmond, Redmond, Redmund * Italian: Raimondo, Raimondi, Raymondo, Reimondo, Reimundo * Japanese: レイモンド (Reimondo), レーモンド (Rēmondo) * Kannada: ರೇಮಂಡ್ (Rēmaṇḍ) * Marathi: रेमंड (Rēmaṇḍ) * Korean: 레이몬드 (Reimondeu) * Latin: Raimundus * Latvian: Raimonds * Limburgish: Remao, Mao * Lithuanian: Raimundas, Raimondas * Macedonian: Рејмонд (Rejmond) * Nepali: रेमंड (Rēmaṇḍa) *Norwegian: Rådmund, Råmund *Old Norse: Ráðmundr, Rámundr * Persian: ریموند * Polish: Rajmund * Portuguese: Raimundo * Punjabi: ਰੇਮੰਡ (Rēmaḍa) * Romanian: Reimond * Russian: Раймонд (Raymond) * Serbian: Рејмонд (Rejmond) * Slovene: Rajmund * Spanish: Raimundo, Ramón, Ramon, Remon, Remone, Romone, Raymundo, Raemondo, Raimondo, Raimundo, Raimon, Raymondo, Reymundo, Reimundo, Mundo *Swedish: Ramunder *Tagalog: Ramon * Tamil: ரேமண்ட் (Rēmaṇṭ) * Telugu: రేమండ్ (Rēmaṇḍ) * Thai: เรย์มอนด์ (Rey̒ mxn d̒) * Ukrainian: Раймонд (Raymond) * Urdu: ریمنڈ * Yiddish: רייַמאָנד (Ryyamʼánd) * Yoruba: Remondi



Aristocracy: *Raymond I, Count of Toulouse (died 865) *Raymond II, Count of Toulouse (died 924) *Raymond III, Count of Toulouse (died 978) *Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse (c. 1041 or 1042–1105), Count of Tripoli from 1102 to 1105 *Raymond V, Count of Toulouse (1134–1198) *Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse (1156–1222) *Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse (1197–1249) *Raymond II of Tripoli (c. 1115–1152), Count of Tripoli from 1137 to 1152 *Raymond III of Tripoli (c. 1142–1187), Count of Tripoli from 1152 to 1187 *Raymond-Roupen (died 1219), Prince of Antioch *Raymond of Poitiers (c. 1115–1149), Prince of Antioch *Raymond Roger Trencavel (1185–1209) *Raymond of Burgundy (1070–1107), married to Queen Urraca of Castile *Raymond of Antioch (c. 1195–1213), eldest son of Bohemond IV of Antioch Saints: *Raymond of Penyafort (c. 1175–1275), medieval canon lawyer *Raymond Nonnatus (1204–1240), ransomer of hostages *Raymond of Fitero (d. 1163), founder of the military order of the Knights of Calatrava Chronicler *Raymond of Aguilers (1096–1099), chronicler of the First Crusade Others * Raymond Antrobus (born 1986), British poet * Raymond van Barneveld (born 1967), Dutch darts player * Raymond Bailey (1904–1980), American actor * Raymond Berry (born 1933), American football player * Raymond Bessone (1911–1992), British hairdresser known as "Mr Teasy-Weasy" * Raymond Blanc (born 1949), French chef * Ray Bolger (1904–1987), American entertainer of stage and screen * Ray Bradbury (1920–2012), American science-fiction and fantasy author * Raymond Briggs (born 1934), English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist, and author * Raymond Leo Burke, American prelate in the Roman Catholic Church * Raymond Burr (1917–1993), Canadian actor * Raymond Calais (born 1998), American football player * Raymond Carver (1938–1988), American short story writer and poet * Raymond Cattell (1905–1998), psychologist * Raymond Chandler (1888–1959), American writer * Raymond Daniels (martial artist), Raymond Daniels (born 1980), American martial artist * Raymond Davis, Jr. (1914–2006), chemist and Nobel Prize winner in Physics * Raymond Domenech (born 1952), French football manager * Raymond E. Feist (born 1945), American fantasy writer * Raymond Ch'ien Kuo Fung (錢果豐,born 1952), president of MTR and chairman of Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong * Raymond Gesteland, American geneticist * Ray Gillen, American rock singer-songwriter * Raymond Gutierrez, Filipino host * Raymond Ho (何鍾泰,born 1939), member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Legco) * Ray Honeyford (1934–2012), English headmaster and writer * Raymond Hunter (1938–2020), Irish cricketer and rugby union player * Raymond Kaskey (born 1943), American sculptor * Raymond Kelly (born 1941), Commissioner of the New York Police Department * Raymond van de Klundert, also known as Ray Kluun (born 1964), Dutch novelist * Ray Kurzweil (born 1948), American author, inventor, and futurist * Raymond Lahey (born 1940), bishop of the diocese of Antigonish * Raymond Lam (林峯,born 1979), Hong Kong singer and actor * Raymond Lisle (1910–1994), American attorney, officer in the US Foreign Service, and Dean of Brooklyn Law School * Raymond Loewy (1893–1986), industrial designer * Raymond Massey (1896–1983), Canadian actor * Raymond McCreesh, Irish republican hunger striker who died in 1981 * Raymond Mhlaba (1920–2005), South African activity. * Raymond Murray (1913–2004), US Marine Corps officer * Raymond Pettibon (born 1957), American artist * Raymond Poincaré, President of France and leader of France during World War I, one of the principal commanders of Occupation of the Ruhr * Raymond Queneau (1903–1976), French poet and novelist * Raymond Scott (1908–1994), American composer, band leader, pianist, engineer, record producer, and inventor * Raymond Smullyan (1919–2017), American mathematician, concert pianist, logician, Taoist philosopher, and magician * Raymond Sudre (1870–1962), French sculptor * Raymond Templier (1891–1968), French jewellery designer * Raymond Townsend (born 1955), American basketball player * Raymond Washington (1953–1979), founder of the Crips street gang * Raymond Williams (1921–1988), Welsh academic, novelist and critic * Raymond Wong (film presenter), Raymond Wong (born 1948), Hong Kong actor and film producer * Raymond Wong Ho-yin (born 1975), Hong Kong actor * Teller (entertainer) (born Raymond Joseph Teller, 1948), one-half of the duo Penn & Teller

Fictional characters

* Raymond Barone, main character in the television sitcom ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' * Raymond Cocteau, mayor/governor/dictator of San Angeles in the 1990s movie ''Demolition Man'' * Raymond Shaw, main character in the novel ''The Manchurian Candidate'' played on film in 1962 by Laurence Harvey and 2004 by Liev Schreiber. * Raymond Stantz, main character in the film ''Ghostbusters'' * Mondo Browne (Raymond Browne), African-American killer in the HBO drama series ''Oz'' * Raymond, a cat villager in ''Animal Crossing: New Horizons'' * Raymond Reddington, main character in the English TV series"The Blacklist"


* Alex Raymond (1909–1956), American comic strip artist * Alfred John Raymond (1856–1935), mayor of Brisbane * Allen Raymond, American political consultant * Antonin Raymond (1888–1976), Czech architect * Arthur Bugs Raymond (1882–1912), American Major League Baseball pitcher * Edward Burleson Raymond (1848–1914), American rancher, politician, banker and founder of Raymondville, Texas * Eleanor Raymond (1887–1989), American architect * Eric S. Raymond (born 1957), American software developer * Eugene Raymond (born 1923), South African Army major-general, Surgeon-General and physician * Gary Raymond (born 1935), British actor * George Lansing Raymond (1839-1929), professor of aesthetic criticism * George Raymond (1914-1999), civil rights activist from Pennsylvania * George Raymond Jr. (1943-1973), civil rights activist from Mississippi * Tubby Raymond, Harold Tubby Raymond (1926–2017), American college football and baseball coach and player * Harry Raymond (footballer), English footballer from 1908 to 1924 * Henry Jarvis Raymond (1820–1869), American journalist and politician; founder of ''The New York Times'' * Jade Raymond (born 1974), Canadian video game producer and television personality * James St. Raymond, American businessman and former state legislator * Janice Raymond (model) (born 1951), ''Playboy'' Playmate of the Month for December 1974 * Jim Raymond (1917–1981), American comic strip artist * Jonathan Raymond, American writer * Lee Raymond (born 1938), American businessman, CEO and chairman of Exxon Mobil (1999–2005) * Lisa Raymond (born 1973), American retired tennis player * Lucas Raymond (born 2002), Swedish ice hockey player * Mason Raymond (born 1985), Canadian former National Hockey League player * Nathaniel Raymond (born 1977), American human rights investigator and anti-torture advocate * Oliver Raymond (c.1605–1679), English MP * Paul Raymond (publisher) (1925–2008), English pornographer * Richard Raymond (pianist) (born 1965), Canadian pianist * Richard Raymond (Texas politician) (born 1960) * Ruth Raymond (1897–1986), English artist * Sophia Burrell née Raymond (1753–1802), English poet and dramatist * Thomas Lynch Raymond (1875–1928), twice mayor of Newark, New Jersey * Tito Raymond (born 1969), American bodybuilder * Usher (musician) (born 1978), American musician

Fictional Character

* Leon Raymond, a protagonist from the anime series ''

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*Ray (disambiguation) *Raimond


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