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is a small town in the district of Bautzen, Saxony, Germany. It is located approximately 20 kilometres north-east of Dresden. The town has an Evangelical and a Roman Catholic church, and an old castle.


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History[edit] Radeberg
was mentioned for the first time in 1219, when farmers settled on the country to the large Roeder. The name of the place is probably derived from this river. In less than 150 years a market place, a castle and own units developed. In the year 1412 the municipal law was lent to the small market town. 500 years ago silver was found close of the town. The discovery site thereupon renamed in silver hill. The mine was however fast exhausted. Industry[edit] Its principal industries are the manufacture of glass, machinery, furniture and paper, and it produces a light lager "Radeberger Beer" which is largely exported. The company Robotron Elektronik Radeberg, formerly well known in East Germany
for the production of portable television sets and powerful data processing equipment, was there. The Radeberger Brewery
Radeberger Brewery
was founded in 1872, and is part of the Oetker Group.[2] It brews Radeberger Pilsner,[3] a 4.8% abv pale lager. Transportation[edit]


The town is accessible by Radeberg
railway station of Deutsche Bahn. Notable people[edit]

Georg Naumann
Georg Naumann
(1901-1978), pioneering the exploration of northwest Canada / Alberta, esp. oil sands research

Georg Naumann

Theodor Arldt (1878-1960), German nature scientist, paleontologist, writer, teacher Hartmut Schade
Hartmut Schade
(born 1954), football player Thomas Scheibitz (born 1968), painter and sculptor

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